Running Out of Butter: A Symptom of FWP. {Video}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Oct 15, 2012
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I can hardly speak about it.


Yearning for my usual cinnamon raisin toast, I went to find the butter. It was nowhere to be found. Someone had used the last of it and neglected to inform me. The sound of my grinding teeth echoed through the kitchen.

Had I known about this dire butter situation, I would have done something about it. But for this particular round of toast—something I look forward to every day—there was no hope. I had to have some fruit instead to satisfy my body’s cry for carbs.

Apparently I have FWP—First World Problems.

You may suffer from it, too. It strikes when you least expect it. Find out more in the video below.

If you suffer from FWP, please share your story here.

All kidding aside, here are some things you can do once you’ve recovered (or even while you’re suffering) from FWP:

Doing one or more of the above may actually cure FWP, if only temporarily. But if you continue to be of benefit, even once a day, FWP is likely to go into remission.

Now if  you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy some butter.

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Lynn Hasselberger is co-founder of GDGD Radio; The Green Divas Managing Editor; and Producer of The Green Divas Radio Show. She’s also a mom, writer and award-winning cat-herder who lives in Chicagoland. Sunrises, running, yoga, lead-free chocolate and comedy are just a few of her fave things. In her rare moments of spare time, she blogs at and A treehugger and social media addict, you’ll most likely find Lynn on twitter (@LynnHasselbrgr @GreenDivaLynn & @myEARTH360), instagram and facebook. She hopes to make the world a better place, have more fun, re-develop her math skills and overcome her fear of public speaking. Like her writing? Subscribe to her posts.


4 Responses to “Running Out of Butter: A Symptom of FWP. {Video}”

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  2. getbusyyall says:

    Loved "Shut the full cup". Here's a FWP: I can't talk on my Android phone without the earbuds, because it gets so hot; and I LOST THE EARBUDS! (weeping sounds)

  3. […] We need to embrace the good and the bad. After the bad, it could get worse, but then it will get better. Or… it might not. But no matter what happens, odds are in your favor that there’s someone else out there who’s experiencing something worse. […]

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