October 3, 2012

Stand Up. And Speak Your Truth, Divine Goddess. ~ Marlize Joubert

Why do so many women feel we aren’t allowed to “speak our truth?” What makes us give up and allow others to do as they please?

What’s so great about the back seat?

Nobody wants to sit in the back there, but somehow so many of us, so often, still avoid communicating our true feelings.

Women all over the world continue to be silenced. Are we not worthy of having a say in the matters of the world? How can be live “from our power?” Perhaps society is in fear that we might dominate, control or destroy it by expressing ourselves fully.

There’s no question that we can do more to help to heal our world. What if we can just be, and exist in our “deepest truth?”—you know, the part of ourselves that wants to “express in fullness” what we stand for and why we are here on earth.

Humanity can, and needs to hear the whispers of our wise mothers. We need to learn to listen and trust their messages. Messages resting, dormant, in the truest core of every women on earth. Wisdom offered that has been collected through the generations: lived and experienced then, and now available to those of us seeking freedom from self-afflicted pain.

I dream of a world where we can all just be, resting in our own experience.

There is no need to wait for a better self.

I catch myself sitting and waiting…waiting for the right moment to fully live and speak my truth. Perhaps waiting for someone to tell me it’s okay to do so.

Permission granted from another seems to still hold more power than permission from my heart. Why do I choose to degrade myself and look to the opinion of others, validate their stories as truth, and allow my own feelings to hold very little or no importance?


But then, I remember. I rest. My voice is growing stronger in the world. With this newfound awareness, I witness other women swallowing their tongues, choosing to walk through life adopting another’s reality.

I see fake smiles. I see a silent longing, a need to be heard and seen.

The only action visible is an uncomfortable silence. Reality hidden, and now lost in another’s path of truth. Sitting on suppressed feelings of their own and nowhere to release them. This creates their energy to spiral into one of deep sorrow and despair, turning inward and destructing one from the inside out.

Every now and then some do express something. The delivery is soft, powerless. It comes with an apology right after.

A feeling of intrusion.

A feeling of guilt.

A feeling of unworthiness.

“May I say something?” She asks.

Who am I to give you the right to speak?

Why are you allowing me to be in charge of your truth? What makes me so special and you so unworthy? Who labels one being better than another? What makes them so wise and permitted to choose and validate humanity? Why do we allow them to control the way we exist in life and how we feel about ourselves?

I watch women in pursuit of something unattainable. All in an attempt to be normal. A pursuit for perfection. Whatever that means anyhow. A label we in society created and placed on a few, including ourselves, that’s different.

The beauty lies hidden under the layers of the false self. Hidden so deep that we forget what this life is all about and why we came down to play and dance in the first place.

We have lost our way.

We grow up in a story that is not our own. The simplicity of life gets lost in someone else’s story about who we are. A truth written in another’s fear and dumped on us. It’s us. Not them. We are crazy. We feel things. We hear things. We know things. Are we witches? We should be burnt at the stake and condemned to death before we put a spell on someone else’s life.

Is that perhaps why we hide all the wisdom of the world we carry, see and feel? In an effort to stay alive? To protect ourselves from death or existence without love? Is there a difference?

Maybe we are crazy. No one else out there is like us. Maybe they’re right. There’s something wrong with us. We better keep quiet. We better hide what we know and feel.

And so life continues in silence.

A heavy unbearable silence.

And underneath the silence, a well of sadness.

And underneath the sadness, a library full of wisdom, since the beginning of time.

All the answers to stop war.

All the freedom to create a life filled with love.

All the medicine and all the cures to heal our world.

And to make it a place of harmonious and joyful existence.

Yes. We have it all. Once we can let go of this old story we’ve adopted, we get to delve into the wisdom of the ages. Wisdom we all carry deep within. Underneath the layers of suppression, in a big open space lay everything in a box of nothingness, hidden in the deep corners of our being. Waiting for us to reclaim what is ours, and breathe in, what we lost along our path towards freedom.

Then to go out, express ourselves and heal our world. Give shelter to those who are lost. Share a blanket with those who are cold. Embrace those who are lonely. Love those we so long to share love with.

Nourish those in need of vitality. Give a smile to those who are teary. Give hope to those who have given up on life. Shed light for those who lost their way in the dark.

Heal the wounds, soothe the pain, feed the hungry and create unity in all areas of life.

And finally show up for what we are meant to do: 

Create unity between humanity and the earth. Create harmony and peace, so we can stop the search for finding what we already have and know.

In an effort to make others and ourselves feel safe, we deprive ourselves from expressing our truth. When we stop expressing, we hide our ability to heal the world. We hide our ability to heal ourselves. And so we forget we have an ability to heal ourselves and the world. We forget we have a desire to express ourselves fully for what we stand for and desire to show up, radiating in our truest essence.

This journey continues for us to remember a voice in need of expression, a truth in need of living, a love in need of sharing, a being in need of health, a world in need of enjoying, a life in need experiencing, gifts in need of discovering, a soul in need of recognizing, and a journey in need of walking towards emptiness and dropping into a space where the need for a need disappears into the vastness of all.

All that’s left, an expression of being one. As we merge with our soul, becoming one, we are finally becoming the expression of infinity, residing in the eternal.

Marlize Joubert is a writer, philosopher and poet. She shares inspirations from the soul. Expressions from the heart, and discoveries gained on my soul’s journey. She teaches yoga to people from all walks of life. You can find her on the West side of Los Angeles.  She’s a faciliator for healing. She leads breathing meditations, circles & one on-one guidance healing sessions. The work speaks for itself. It’s life changing and opens the gate to self love.

Marlize Joubert has been studying the healing arts most of her life. Her roots are in Yoga; (Vinyasa, Iyengar, Pranayama,  Ashtanga, Yoga philosophy), meditation, healing modalities, and the juicy mystery of life itself.

Curiousity and honest self-exploration has always been a source of tremendous healing for Marlize and her calling to be of service to the world at large has been clear to her since a  very young age.

She wishes each and everyone who continue to inspire and guide her life, with so much love and compassion, to be blessed forever on!”


Editor: Olga Feingold

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