“The biggest haul of ivory tusk in Hong Kong customs enforcement history in a single operation.”

Via S.V. Pillay
on Oct 24, 2012
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Photo: SOS Elephants of Chad

This is what 600 dead elephants looks like:

Source: Uploaded by user via Sunita on Pinterest

Elephants are sentient beings who mourn their dead.

The demand for elephant ivory is stronger than ever in mainland China and Thailand. Ivory is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat fevers, nosebleeds, convulsions, and even stroke. I’m calling bullshit on Chinese medicine. There is a similar kind of bullshit regarding tiger bones, fur, teeth and balls.

There has been a huge jump in wildlife poaching in Africa in the last decade alone, mostly fueled by the demands of rich folks in China.

What can we do about it? Stop buying shit made in China? Write letters? If Jane Goodall couldn’t stop the destruction chimpanzee habitat, what can I do here in Chicago when I hear news like this? I don’t know. I’m frustrated and sad. I’m haunted by a video I once saw of an elephant caressing its mother’s dead body, and eventually her skull and bones. For weeks. Months maybe.

I know you’re all preoccupied with the election, but if you take 90 seconds to watch this video, maybe it will mean something. Maybe it won’t. But at least you can be a witness for these 600 great African elephants and remember them, for whatever it’s worth.

Sign this petition to help protect elephants from poaching.

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4 Responses to ““The biggest haul of ivory tusk in Hong Kong customs enforcement history in a single operation.””

  1. Korresh says:

    From the tone of your post, seems like someone doesn't like Chinese people… what a Racist. I hope your proud of your sinophobic bullshit. Fuck you.

  2. Please, don't make asinine assumptions. You don't even know me. Being pissed at one aspect of a Chinese cultural practice does not mean I hate Bruce Lee, or that I don't consider Lao Tzu to be one of the greatest spiritual masters in the world. Or that the Chinese that landed up in South India didn't cross my own blood line! Or that a Chinese family is very much different than any other family in the world. You should read my article on bluefin tuna. I'm sure you'll think I hate Japanese people too. Arg!

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