October 18, 2012

Why we should all keep Supporting Livestrong.

Update: Lance Armstrong officially stripped of seven Tour de France titles.

Nike’s likely regretting this video, right about now.

Nike’s Lance Armstrong video: “What are you on?”

A rough day for Lance Armstrong, and all who’ve been inspired by him.

“Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Trek bicycles, FRS energy drinks, Giro helmets, and Radio Shack all dumped him today.” ~ Reddit.


As for Livestrong, also via Reddit:

Livestrong Rating & Expenses

…80% of Livestrong money goes to program expenses, i.e. research grants. It is an incredibly highly rated charity. 80% is great by all charity standards.

Hate Lance Armstrong all you want, but his charity is doing great things in a great way.

Everyone in the sport has known he cheated for years, and seemingly care—because just about everyone at the top cheated, and it was well known—or because his story was great for cycling and cancer research.<  Click here for more.

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Read 16 comments and reply

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