Why we should all keep Supporting Livestrong.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 17, 2012
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Update: Lance Armstrong officially stripped of seven Tour de France titles.

Nike’s likely regretting this video, right about now.

Nike’s Lance Armstrong video: “What are you on?”

A rough day for Lance Armstrong, and all who’ve been inspired by him.

“Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Trek bicycles, FRS energy drinks, Giro helmets, and Radio Shack all dumped him today.” ~ Reddit.


As for Livestrong, also via Reddit:

Livestrong Rating & Expenses

…80% of Livestrong money goes to program expenses, i.e. research grants. It is an incredibly highly rated charity. 80% is great by all charity standards.

Hate Lance Armstrong all you want, but his charity is doing great things in a great way.

Everyone in the sport has known he cheated for years, and seemingly care—because just about everyone at the top cheated, and it was well known—or because his story was great for cycling and cancer research.<  Click here for more.


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16 Responses to “Why we should all keep Supporting Livestrong.”

  1. nikki says:

    Actually, what's annoying is that the media and these corporate sponsors take us as idiots….'the public is going to be outraged!" They're all doping and covering for each other. Come on.

  2. GeoffOfOz says:

    He cynically used his charity on almost every occasion he pointed out he didnt take drugs, to hide behind. Pople who feel they have no hope, clung to the idea of hope that he had alleged to represent.

    He got through cancer with amazing determination and the best most advanced medical chemotherapy and surgery available at the time. I personally benefitted from this when I used the same regimen as Lance when I had testicular cancer in 2005. No-one in their right mind would object to using drugs in this situation. He didn't choose to have cancer anymore than I did. But we were both determined not to lose the fight, and we were both fortunate enought o be in a time and place where the treatments were available. There are not rules fightng cancer, just beat it.

    The 7 TdF wins were on drugs. He cheated. He used those ill-gotten gains to advance his own ego, and as a by-product some good was done for charity. Cancer awareness NOT cancer research as is often claimed (the actual amount of cancer research money donated is much smaller). Just like anything Lance touched, its appearance changes under closer inspection.

    Not only did he cheat, but he systematically went about destroying those that would speak out against drugs. Just ask Betsy Andreu. Or Frankie Andreu.

    Please continue supporting cancer research, especially for young adults cancer's in particular. They are woefully under-researched.

    Just walk away from Liestrong.

  3. GeoffOfOz says:

    P.S. Livestrong and The Lance Armstrong Foundation are seperate entities.

  4. Dennis Blair says:

    Boy, I am so torn about this. I guess if they finally show specifically how he was able to pass the drug tests, then I will be highly disappointed about this. Testimony is one thing, actual tangible facts are another.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    If you followed my link, you'll see my context-ful defense of him.

  6. Thaddeus1 says:

    How does lying and cheating equate to being one of the "greatest athletes of all time?" That's some pretty messed up valuation if you ask me.

  7. DougMH says:

    "…80% of Livestrong money goes to program expenses, i.e. research grants. It is an incredibly highly rated charity. 80% is great by all charity standards."

    This is a total lie. Livstrong gives $0 dollars to cancer research. In their entire lifetime, they've given only $20 million to cancer research which stopped in 2010. Their web site says they no longer accept requests for research funds.

    Next. Livestrong and The Lance Armstrong Foundation are one and the same. http://www.livstrong.org and http://www.livstrong.com are separate entities. .org is non-profit and .com is for-profit. The sell fitness tips for money.

    Lance Armstrong IS NOT the altrustic person you think he is. His standard personal appearance fee is (or I should say was) $200,000… all to him.

    The reasoned decision by the USADA explains exactly how he passed the tests. At least six riders who testified and several other riders, like David Millar, Jan Ullrich, rode just as long as Lance Armstrong and never failed a doping control. Some were caught in police stings, ratted out or just confessed. Some were never caught like George Hincapi, Van de Velde, etc.

  8. DougMH says:

    I'm amazed that people who say, "I just don't understand it." If you read the USADA's reasoned decision, all 202 pages of it, you'll understand completely.

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  10. jlafitte says:

    Indeed – Lance Armstrong Foundation licenses the "Livestrong" trademark to Demand Media, the for-profit owner of livestrong.com.

    Furthermore, yes the 80% figure is 100% false. The Lance Armstrong Foundation does not fund ANY research. It primarily funds LANCE's expenses for spreading "awareness," like his $11 million private jet. Bill Gifford's excellent piece for Outside Magazine tells the story:

    Lance Armstrong deserves about as much respect as John Friend.

  11. jlafitte says:

    Hm, wonder why my comment was deleted.

    Anyways, aside from the fraudulent charity and the doping, there are also allegations that LANCE paid off competitors to lose races:


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