November 16, 2012

5 Heartfelt Ways to Positive Growth.


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Are you seeking more meaning and purpose in your life? Would you like to find the courage to truly go after your dreams? Do you want to follow the voice of your heart?

In my last article, I shared some of the benefits I have discovered of traveling solo. I received such lovely feedback and questions about it that this week, I have decided to expand upon the theme of growth…

In this article, I share five heartfelt ways to help catalyze growth from my own life. These ideas have helped me to overcome my fears and doubts, so that I could live life on my own terms.  I truly believe that paying attention to these distinctions is what has enabled me grow through doing more of what I love.

Heartfelt Way #1: Put Yourself in Supportive Environments.

The environment you live in and the people you surround yourself with have the ability to shape everything in your life.

Choose to put yourself in supportive environments that nourish you and nurture your gifts, ideas and passions. Surround yourself with inspirational people who motivate and encourage you to be great, feel alive and live fully self-expressed.

Heartfelt Way #2: Have Kind and Loving Conversations with Yourself.

Typically for most people the conversations that they have with themselves happen all the time, and are happening unconsciously.

Take this moment, right now to start paying attention to the words that you use when you speak to yourself (inner dialogue), as well as the tone that you use.

If you find that you constantly criticize, berate or punish yourself, allow yourself to notice your behavior. Instead, you can choose to rephrase and reaffirm your conversations; lovingly transforming them into something kinder and more supportive of your dreams and goals.

With awareness comes the ability to choose new thoughts and language patterns.

Heartfelt Way #3: Surround Yourself with Inspirational People.

Specifically, what you choose to talk about truly matters.  Indeed, the conversations you have with others have the power to shape your perceptions and affect your perspective and outlook on life.

The more that you can talk about things that you find inspirational, aspirational and enlightening, the faster you will grow and the easier it will be for you to create an amazing life for yourself.

Heartfelt Way #4: Spend your Time Wisely.

What you do with your time says a lot about your values and your goals, as well as what you value as important in your life.

If you are someone who regularly wishes they had more time, I invite you to take a moment to get really honest with yourself. Ask yourself, these questions:

>> “If I was focused, where could I create more time in my day?”

>> “What could I do with this time to take a baby step towards my dreams and goals?”

Quite a while ago, I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. As a consequence, I also stopped going to bars and nightclubs. I gained so much more time (and other benefits as well) I wondered why I hadn’t done it earlier!

Heartfelt Way #5: Expand your Comfort Zone.

Growth happens when you are doing things outside your comfort zone. When you are living in the unknown is when you are giving yourself the chance to experience rapid and accelerated growth.

I would highly encourage you to do things that require a deep breath, some faith and courage. Two decisions that I made (going traveling by myself as well as quitting my corporate job to go to art school) took me way outside my comfort zone. Looking back in hindsight I can honestly say they were both deeply transformative and inspirational times in my life.

Living outside your comfort zone might initially feel stressful or scary, but I promise you that the more that you muster the confidence and courage to do it, the more you build your muscles of inner trust, self-belief and determination.

Say Yes to Life and Grow…

If you are someone who is ready to experience growth in your life, know that it only your current patterns of limitations that are keeping you stuck in your life.

Know that when you are ready, you can choose to transcend any patterns of playing small by re-examining your environment, your peer group, how you are spending your time and your actions in your day-to-day life.

I really hope that these five pathways can help you fast track your own growth, so you can start creating the life that you dream about.


Ed: Kate B.

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