Best description for a period, ever.

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And, mindful sex?

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14 Responses to “Best description for a period, ever.”

  1. Olga says:

    HAHA This is fabulous!

  2. Jessalyn says:

    This is one of the best period jokes/metaphors of all time. And the uterus face just gets me every time.

  3. Maya says:

    Sorry but I just don't agree. This is a really sad, antagonistic view of our bodies.

  4. Cortney says:

    I find this extremely offensive. This is the reality for women like me and millions of others who have struggled with fertility issues and who are really trying to conceive. Nothing is funny about the hurt and pain you feel each month when your period shows up. Luckily I am 4 months pregnant now but it has been a long difficult road.

    • elephantjournal says:

      Hi Cortney—we're reader created and so we have many views represented. I'm sorry you found this offensive. Consider writing your own piece? You can submit to [email protected]. ~ Bryonie

    • Faun says:

      This is reality of all people with a menstrual cycle. You are literally saying that the menstrual cycle is offensive and that people with menstrual cycles shouldn't express their feelings of them either and that we especially cannot express it with humor. I'm sorry you had so much trouble getting pregnant, but you do not own the experience of menstrual cycles, that most female-bodied people experience.

  5. Jessica says:

    This is so perfect. It’s how I’ve always described it too. As someone who has suffered painful periods every month for my entire life, I’ve always felt that my body was furious at me that once again I ‘failed’ and damnit was I gonna pay!!!! Ha! Love it. Love this website. As for people taking offense, well lighten up people. Lighten up. Maybe they’re the lucky ones who don’t have painful periods! It’s not about fertility here, it’s just how it feels to have your period. And man does that uterus work hard. It actually makes me appreciate how powerful and amazing my body truly is. As much as it hurts. Cheers.

  6. Jean Richards says:

    Womankind's ability to reproduce humans far exceeds humankind's ability to provide clean water and food to provide for the humans. Stop reproducing NOW unless you want to be responsible for even more deaths by thirst and starvation. Humans have exceeded our earth's carrying capacity thus dooming most of us and our four – footed life mates to a life of scrambling for water and food. Reproducing is a most unkind and heartless endeavor.

    • Rebecca says:

      Jean, It's really not that simple. Birth rates vary enormously from country to country- and, as I'm sure you know, gender inequality, lack of access to education, and lack of access to free contraception means the birth rate (and mother and infant mortality rate) is often highest in very poor countries, where competition for resources is fiercest. Admonishing all women all over the world to stop having babies RIGHT NOW would do absolutely nothing to address these problems, which are due to complex regional and global socioeconomic structures. There is plenty of evidence (using a simple google search) to be found that a declining birth rate is actually a problem for many countries. Trying to make women who wish to conceive, and who often have trouble doing so, feel guilty for that basic instinct and responsible for all the present and future ills of the world is 'most unkind and heartless', and not supported by scientific data.

  7. Jessie Rae says:

    This is flipping hilarious!!!

  8. mary knott says:

    I also find this offensive for one who had fertility issues, then birthing issues, as well as uterine issues and evenually ovarian cancer, and more. Periods are not humerus to millions that suffer health conditions nor do most woman celebrate the monthly visitor that cost millions in Healthcare for these problems. For those who do, good for you but be sensitive to those who do not find this humerus but heartbreaking. It’s even more offensive when one is told to write their own article about it, almost narcissistic since it is a subject matter that can be of deep emotional pain. MANY DO NOT FOND TAKING About PWRSONAL STRIGHLES AND Giving Life As One Of THOSE As A Topic Of discussion, Nor periods, OR To Listen To Idiots About OVER population. For that fact, thos who talk about over opulation, should not exist themselves because they too, are part of the population problem. Darn, what to do with their body when they pass,vit would take up space, cremation is pollution since our bodies have toxins, hmmmmm??? Guess they should think before they speak. I could come up with a million reasons for those who state do not reproduce to others yet they exist themselves, breathing my valuable oxygen and contaminating the space I want. Pretty selfish if you ask me. No apologies fir my raw and unedited words, speaking off the top of my head from my phone.

  9. Terri says:

    If periods are not humorous to you, I would not recommend reading obviously humorous comics about periods.

    My heart goes out to those who struggle with infertility. It is not selfish or insensitive for people who have had a different experience than you to express their perspective, or to do so using humor. This post was not an ambush. It is clearly humorous.

    Full disclosure, I’ve had issues myself — years of severe, disabling cramps, followed by diagnosis and surgery for Stage 3 endometriosis. Followed by three miracle kids, more cramps, more periods. This was a very funny comic about a life experience that is quite literally painful for probably most women.

  10. Tristan says:

    I struggled with infertility for years. It ruined my marriage, leading to adivorce. I've also dealt with horrifyingly painful periods that last two weeks since I was 15. So I understand the pain. And I still find this funny. The article was pretty clear about the fact that it was a joke about periods. You still read it, and then decided to act like we need to watch our mouths because you have fertility issues. Don't go around looking for reasons to be upset. I am incredibly sensitive when I talk to people dealing with these issues, because I have been there. But I refuse to force others to walk on eggshells because in all reality I will never be able to conceive. And don't get shitty with the editor who actually took the time to read your comment, and apologize for the fact that you we're hurt. Most site editors couldn't give a shit less. No one was trying to minimize your pain or attack how you feel. They were making a joke. A pretty damn funny joke. Is

  11. Brandy says:

    To the people upset,

    The Internet does not revolve around you. Everything you read will not apply to your experience. Accept it for what it is. This is not personally written for you. You can’t always control/change your circumstances but you can control how you let it affect you. I find this funny and relatable. That’s okay, not good or bad. You don’t find it funny and/or relatable. That’s okay, not good or bad. It’s a joke on the Internet. Focus on what you can control.

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