November 20, 2012

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Conditions.

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The alarm went off this morning and I looked outside.

It was still dark, freezing cold and it snowed last night. The running terrain is far from optimal.

Option One:

Get myself dressed quickly and head out to meet my running group.

Option Two:

Take my time.

After all, I have a treadmill downstairs waiting for me whenever I want. There is no way I’ll be motivated to do the 20 minute tempo run like I need to on my own. I may have to suffer outside, but at least I’ll be suffering with other people.

I went with Option One, and by the time I got out there to meet the group, I already felt alive. The workout was over in no time and I ran faster and harder than I ever would have on my own. Just being out there with the rest of the team filled me with inspiration. And on top of that, I had the coach breathing down my neck, pushing me harder.

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions or you will never get out of the door.

No one ever finished a workout and wished it never happened. I knew that by the time I got home, my day was already off to a better start.


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