EnergySmart: Helping Us Save Energy & Money.

Via Liz Benson
on Nov 1, 2012
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I wanted to let you know about a great program offered for homeowners (and landlords) in my community.

EnergySmart is funded through a grant from the Department of Energy for homeowners and businesses of Boulder County, Colorado. (Note: Your municipality might have a similar program. Find out at the DOE site—

They offer a subsidized home energy assessment plus an advisor that helps you review your audit, find rebates for any improvements that you decide to make and provide a list of approved contractors. They’ll even give you free compact florescent bulbs, low flow shower head, pipe wrap for your hot water heater and will install a programmable thermostat if needed for just $20.

A home energy audit usually costs over $300. Through EnergySmart, the cost is a more enticing $90. If, like me, you already had an energy audit done in the last three years, you can use the services of their advisor for free.

If you want to make a big improvement, but money is tight, low cost loans are available through Elevations Credit Union up to $25,000 for as little as 2.75 percent interest, in terms of three to 10 years. They’re even offered for less than perfect credit, though the interest rate will be higher.

Both of these programs are part of Boulder County’s efforts to reduce the community’s carbon emissions and are also available to local businesses.

Check out their website——or call them at 303-544-1000.

Please let me know if this has been helpful to you! If you have a similar program in your area, feel free to let others know about that too in our comments section.

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Liz Benson is a Realtor/EcoBroker with Colorado Landmark Realtors based in Boulder, CO. She is also Mom to a lovely teenage daughter and an energetic border collie. When not juggling those duties, she enjoys travel, riding her vintage cruiser and DIY home improvements.


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