November 12, 2012

If She Was Human, Would You Help? {Video}



If you heard a story about a young girl that was kidnapped from her home, kept in captivity and abused, all under the pretense of “healing” her, what would you do?

Would you join an uprising and do everything in your power to help her be returned to her family and her home? For many of us, I think the answer would undoubtedly a loud and thundering, YES.  

So, here it is…there is a young, female, sentient being being held against her will; her name is Morgan and she is an Orca whale.

As a cetacean (and quite frankly, as with most animals and marine animals that are held in captivity) she has absolutely no say in the matter—and can’t speak for herself (not in a language that humans can understand, anyway).

I believe in freedom for all creatures, big and small. While there are many animal sanctuaries around the world that work for the benefit of the animals that they house (truly, madly and compassionately), there are an equal (if not greater number) that don’t. And it breaks my heart, every time I see a story like Morgan’s.

Us, powerful humans that we are, who control the destiny of so many of the world’s animal population, need to held accountable as to how we treat all sentient beings—and it’s a responsibility that we need to take more seriously.

Because, at the root of it all, whether we are talking about two legs, four legs, fur, wings, fins or gills, it’s all life

If this video doesn’t pull at your heart strings and make you want to do something…well, maybe we should talk.



“We need to put Morgan back in the ocean. We need to get off our ass and campaign as far as we can, with as many people as we can, to convince the Judges.”

Jean-Michel Cousteau


To learn more about Morgan and all the fearless warriors working on her behalf (including information on what YOU can do) please click here.



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