If Yoga could vote, it wouldn’t.

Via Holly Westergren
on Nov 1, 2012
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A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein

Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ~ Mother Theresa

Economics and politics are the governing powers of life these days, and that’s why everything is so screwy. ~ Joseph Campbell

This 2012 Election, if you are one of these 20 million yogis on the Yogavotes.org bandwagon, I challenge you to expand your mind even further and vote for “yoga” by peacefully and powerfully sitting this one out.

I’ve been trying in vain to wrap my mind around how paradoxically perfect the existence of YogaVotes.org is to my Christian yogi mystic heart. Certainly if “yoga” could vote, it wouldn’t. I think we all know that’s the truth, deep down in our root chakras. Certainly “yoga” would not care to choose between the donkeys or the elephants, the Mitts or the Obamas.

Furthermore, if “yoga”could vote, it would very likely not vote for a man at this point, with no disrespect to the male species, but what lies ahead for the human race and for the healing of the nations is women’s work and we will need our men of heart to know this truth and stand behind us, all the way, to let the Mother Revolution take its course.

We cannot accomplish this without you, you dear and delectable men of heart. You know who you are—the men who are strong and brave enough to love and honor strong, fearless women, the men who know and revere the gifts of the Goddess as healers, birthers, creators, mothers, nurturers, alchemists, mystical magic makers, warriors of love, light, and delight, keepers of the hearth, guardians of the secret gardens.

A divine harmony between the sexes is what we are craving to help restore sanctity, serenity, and sacred healing to this world. But it will only happen if we all vote for yoga, not humans. If 20 million Americans are so-called yogis, then the call to action as voters and American citizens must be to go out on a limb, like we do all the time in our physical practice, by placing our collective trust in the Divine to take this country and this world to a better place we cannot yet see. The miracles this country and this world needs from sea to shining sea can only be accomplished by an almighty god, a heavenly father, a divine mother of the universe. The old way is not working. We all know it. We must let it fall.

“Yoga” is yearning to declare that we are all one under the sun and the son. “ Yoga” wonders why we even have political parties in the first place and seeks to figure out how we can rid ourselves of them altogether—the work likely of Kali Ma. “Yoga” would prefer to empower people with the inner wisdom of living with and acting in accord with the universal mind in order to remove the barriers in our minds and hearts that keep us from thinking we are not one human race.

Of course, many will say—well, it’s more complicated than that, you crazy dreamer, the world is on fire, or my favorite, “get real, sister, clearly you’re not living in reality.”  Well, as yogis, we know better than most that “reality” is something we create ourselves, and that perhaps that word itself is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I’ve personally never had much use for it. You take your weather with you. But such is the vice grip that the dark forces have on the minds of the people who cannot see that something else is possible. It is the job of the warrior to believe for the people who can’t, to keep the faith for the people who have lost all hope.

As for things being complicated, to that I say, certainly they are very complicated, but it’s only complicated because humans have made it that way. What’s worse, our fearful minds and faithless hearts have made it that way, and too much thinking and drinking has caused much of this world to go to hell in a hand basket. For all the advancements in technology, for all the good science has accomplished and will accomplish for this world, we cannot do what God will do, we cannot heal what God will heal, we cannot restore or rebuild what God has promised to restore and rebuild for people who love him/her. We are one.

This ancient truth is what “yoga” teaches and so, how could “yoga” in its infinite and limitless wisdom and unconditional love of humankind vote for something so restricting as a political party? Why would “yoga” even bother taking part in the perpetuation of a defunct political problem instead of showing another, albeit radical and controversial, though well trodden path to freedom, grace, peace, prosperity?

God knows no color, race or creed when it comes to loving and providing for his/her children. God does not know words like “bourgeois” or “middle class” or “ working class” or “GNP” or “CDC” or any of these words and acronyms being bandied about on the world’s stage, where the play is indeed still the thing.

If “yoga” could vote, it would vote for yoga, and it would abandon once and for all, everything that separates us from God and keeps us in bondage to jobs we hate and people who hate us more.

If “yoga” were to vote if would wish to show The Creator that we believe in the God of humanity to wake us up and take us up, up and away, in another direction, away from the “systems” that have created so much suffering, loss, injustice, debilitation, difficulty, delusion and deferment of dreams for people and towards a new horizon of restoration, hope, healing, and harmony for this one Earth.

If “yoga” could vote, it would likely vote for Mother Earth, mostly because the true healing of this world needs the fierce power of the Goddess and the wisdom of Gaia to be revered, honored, and glorified, and for man and woman alike to bow down to the Divine Mother, in humble service to the most high for all that has been and all that is to be.

The patriarchy is passing away, old ancestral wounds are ready to be healed, and a new paradigm is aching to be revealed to our world, where a harmonious balance of opposites can and will restore order and peace to the world. But the only way this will happen is if the old defunct political systems and patriarchy passes away. And the only way that will happen is if, in fact, “yoga” doesn’t vote.

To not vote, as a yogi, in this election, to my mind, would actually be to vote for God, and to quietly, peacefully give power back to Mother Earth.

In so doing, I believe we would collectively, with the will of our minds and oneness of our hearts, propagate a shift in power back to the matriarchy, which is what our planet is craving, which is where things are moving, which is what our hearts, souls and bodies are yearning for, and what no current presidential candidate can deliver to his constituents. We are in need of supernatural solutions and radical grace in the face of corruption, confusion, greed, lust and lack of trust. And this work is not for the faint of heart.

The miracles this world has been waiting for rests in a radical shift of our collective perspective about what power means, who has it and why, and how we are going to build a new world based on this inner knowing that we are here to love God, that we were born free and that our healing will come with our decision to learn to live in harmony with the principles of nature as stewards and guardians of the good Earth.

If “yoga” were to vote, it would vote for people coming together in the name of love and for a return to innocence. If “yoga” were to vote, it would vote for dismantling the “systems” that the patriarchy has put in place to keep people in the dark, to keep people dumb, to keep people angry, fearful, sick, confused, trapped in vicious cycles of poverty consciousness and pain, instead of healthy and free, living lives of power, peace and joy.

These so-called United States have been called the land of the free and the home of the brave, but I think we all can agree that in many ways so many people do not feel free and neither Republicans or Democrats can restore freedom to this country.

If “yoga” could vote, it would want to move us on up in glory, to higher grounds, to answer to the call of a higher power, the higher power that is asking me to type these words to you, as a messenger of the divine love from above. The time has come for us to believe in miracles for this world that defy logic, defy gravity, defy the laws of physics, and move beyond what our feeble human minds are capable of comprehending. The miracles this world needs to alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters will not happen over night, but will happen if we the people have the courage to reject the old and with extraordinary faith in things unseen, boldly believe that the Creator of the heavens and the Earth has a better way in store.

Our best thinking got us here, and our best thinking will not get us out of this mess until we collectively choose to raise the vibration of this planet by surrendering to pure divine love from above to lead us home, to guide us into the new world we know is possible for this planet, for our children, for our children’s children, for all creatures great and small, the lord God loves them all.

Of course, to many, everything I’m writing sounds like pure lunacy. Of course this stance (think Mountain Pose, yogis!) requires inordinate amounts of faith, but that is who yogis have always been—crazy stretchy radicals born to inspire a movement away from conventional thinking towards holy thinking, pure faith, pure love, and surrender to the will of God. We surrender, yes. But we never give up the fight, as warriors of light.

Nothing about the concept of Yogavotes.org makes any sense to me, though I see why it happened, why even Deepak got on board. He’s got taxes to pay for his fancy yoga retreat in California. Or something… But, seriously, Deepak, how and why would “yoga” vote, when doing so would bring more division to a country that is desperate in its heart to unite, to recover and resurrect its lost soul and spirit, bye, bye Miss American Pie-style. Willie Nelson-style. John Denver and The Muppets-style. Johnny Cash-style. Sojourner Truth-style.

And so, I ask again, because it bears repeating, over and over again until people get it, that if we are indeed poised on the precipice of a healing revolution, of ushering in the new wave of consciousness, the Golden Age, why are 20 million so-called yogis who are following the teachings of an ancient philosophy that teaches us that our father is the king of the universe, voting for any human being at all? Let God take care of this election. And if “yoga” knows that our world’s problems have only spiritual solutions grounded in the “reality” of a visceral return to the divine source of mother love, then again, why would “yoga” vote for a man?

Time magazine has already named Kali Ma the Goddess of the Year, and well, Jesus saved me and Kali raised me so here it is, all the old news that’s fit to print. Waking up is hard to do, world. But we’re ready. It might have to get a lot worse before it gets better, but there is a silver lining which is great hope for healing, harmony, health, for the restoration of the balance of this world.

I have arrived at this place in time with the help of so many friends and loved ones who may not have known exactly what I was up to on this road (such is the strange condition of the visionary/girl wonder), but smiled and nodded at the crazy baby queen of the dream. I would not be here without the love and support of all of you, my nearest and dearest, who have trusted in my vision, who have taken me in when I fell down, who loved me when I could not find a way to love myself, when my mind failed me, when my mania assailed me. I especially thank people who have doubted me, tried to cut me down, and laughed in my face at my faith.

It is always more fuel for the fire, the afflictions always strengthen us and we stay in prayer for the cleansing of hearts of humanity, so that we may all be washed clean and can start again. This world is waiting to be reborn. We are all works in progress in these strange, glorious, precarious, and extraordinary times. And we are all ready to be restored to who it is God has created us to be. We can do this by letting love lead the way. Children of God, if God is for us, who can be against us?

This 2012 Election, if you are one of these 20 million yogis on the Yogavotes.org bandwagon, I challenge you to expand your mind even further and vote for “yoga” by peacefully and powerfully sitting this one out—with clout and without a doubt that the Creator has in store for all God’s children something greater, beyond our wildest dreams for what is possible for this world. Challenge your attachment to the ways of the world and perhaps see this as a holy experiment of the highest order.

‘Tis a recipe for panic and disorder, you say? This is only natural. Sometimes you gotta burn down the barn to see the sun and to realize we are one.

Be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds. ~ Romans 12:12

Hare Krishna and Hallelujah!

With fearless Faith, trust and pixie dust,

Holly J. Westergren
Ambassador, Yoga Earth.com
WORLD Y.O.G.A. Project, teacher, Community Outreach


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28 Responses to “If Yoga could vote, it wouldn’t.”

  1. Edward Staskus says:

    My question is: the "order and peace" you refer to, that you feel needs to be "restored"', in what age and what land was there such a state of affairs?

  2. stella cruz says:

    first: how can anyone decide who "yoga" would vote for?

    second: we can't vote for yoga because it's not on a ballot.

    third: if you hope to get closer to a matriarchal system, it will not be under one of two candidates, sister.

    this strikes me as incredibly passive ("let the world unfold as it will, we are all helpless to act for change") and elitist ("i am a yogi, so i can be above the affairs of everyday people"). it's everyday people, yogis included, who get things done. can you imagine what civil rights leaders or the activists of the women's rights movement would say in response to this? if people don't make their voices heard, we will all get steamrolled by the biggest bully.

    there is a balance in yoga between practice and surrender. voting, acting, making your voice heard is part of practice in the world. then, when it is time to rest, we surrender. it sounds as if you are challenging folks to surrender and lay down before they even try.

  3. Jim Creamer says:

    Despite all the problems with our democracy, we are faced with very real problems affecting the not only the health of our fellow citizens, bu also the health of our planet. To not vote, too encourage other people not to vote, is both naive and irresponsible. Now more than ever we need intelligent, compassionate people to engage not run and hide.
    Waiting for a mythical deity to come and save us?

  4. Vision_Quest2 says:

    Fanned and Faved!

    If society is to be Civilized to any degree, every person has a right to vote … why let the "other side" win …

    or, as Judge Judy would say, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything …"

    Yes! I had to use an example from "popular culture" … many yogis snub their noses at that, but there's no getting away from popular culture, in fact, many yogis have captured and subjugated advertising and popular culture only when it is convenient for THEM. The height of selfishness.

  5. Vision_Quest2 says:


  6. paul says:

    Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala are the Green candidates for president. I voted for them not because they are women, but because they are capable and the most likely to enact peace.

    If your only choice is "bad" or you'd be intentionally acting out of ignorance (like not researching who your vote would go for, voting down a party line) then don't vote. Otherwise, you are silencing your own voice for peace. The state and local level is more important than the president when it comes to voting, and are places in need people for peace. Patanjali says to cultivate the opposite, Krishna tell Arjuna to act for different reasons, but acting in/for the world is yoga-ok.

  7. I see no effort to convince people not to vote. Rather, I read this as dissuading the 'yoga community' to chose a candidate. Trying to portray yoga as a unified front for or against a candidate is unwise and, I believe, needlessly divisive. Yoga is not a special interest group, a PAC, or a singular entity. There is a way for yoga to be involved without being political. That is to respect that each individual has the RIGHT to vote and that right includes voting for whichever candidate upholds their principles and beliefs and if no one does abstaining from the process.

  8. Jim Creamer says:

    next to last paragraph the author states:" This 2012 Election, if you are one of these 20 million yogis on the Yogavotes.org bandwagon, I challenge you to expand your mind even further and vote for “yoga” by peacefully and powerfully sitting this one out", then she references a "holy experiment". Seems pretty straight forward.

  9. I read that as sitting out of Yogavotes movement and not necessarily the election. Not taking a seat on the bandwagon of sudden pressure to support a particular candidate with one yoga voice. I read the article as a call to authenticity vs. mindlessly supporting a candidate on either side. Nor supporting a candidate because some Yoga clique wants you too.

  10. Jim Creamer says:

    It seems we are not reading the same thing. The author was quite clear in her call not to vote for anyone.

  11. Thaddeus1 says:

    This is a rather naive and irresponsible response as well, full of rhetorical memes and wishful thinking of the very same kind you deride in the article. This "democracy" and voting is a joke. For an argument at least, might I suggest, I Don't Vote & Neither Should You.

  12. Then why did she direct her comments at the 20 million Yogavotes supporters. She did not direct her comments at all yogis. Just those who have chosen to blend yoga and politics in a movement using yoga as a means to a designed political end. She's not talking to me because I don't want to see the two mixed. Social activism, and support of non-partisan organizations, yes. Politics, no.

  13. Jim Creamer says:

    Well I geuss will just disagree on the authors intentions, I wish she would clairify. Using Yoga as a medium to reach people…. seems as useful a tool as anything else.

  14. Jim Creamer says:

    I read your blog/article. Seemed simplistic.

  15. Thaddeus1 says:

    Well…maybe you can do better then. I don't know, maybe you could even try to construct an argument.

  16. heatmort says:

    Unfortunately we do live in a world that is full of politics, social problems, media frenzy and more. Not voting is like saying 'I'm part of this society and yet I pay taxes, etc….but don't wish to be accountable or participate".

    I truly wish it were so easy as to not vote for for anyone as you suggest. But the world turns and we do have presidents, social systems, etc.

    Whoever people vote for is their business for sure! But not voting is not really the answer either. And sitting it out….allows people to continue to understand that if they don't make a ballot it won't have a made a difference. It all makes a difference.

    What we need to do and through Yoga, which is what I understand the Yoga movement to be doing is to make people aware, to wake up ….not assume just because you are in Yoga you are immune to the world and its problems.

  17. JIm Creamer says:

    Simplistic is proably the wrong word. You are obviously and intelligent thoughtful person, but your approach seems detached. I really struggle with spiritual solutions to material problems. I would never argue that the current mix of politics and money is not toxic. But it doesnt change by sitting on the sidelines wishing or praying. It takes hard work by active informed people who understand its a long game. We are here in the world, we have to engage it.

  18. JIm Creamer says:

    Also, if I understand correctly, Yogavotes is non-partisan. They are asking people to vote not telling them who to vote for. There is another post by Mathew Remski that is calling on us to vote for President Obama. Again this site seems like a legitimate place to engage politicaly. Where I would differ with Mathew, is I understand the reluctance of teachers and studio owners to be out front. Not only from a business standpoint, but from a community standpoint it could create issues. When I go to practice the last thing I need is tension in air. And nothing creates tension quicker than politics.

  19. Yogavotes is supposedly non-partisan but a number of KNOWN Obama supporters and liberals are 'ambassadors.' Again, this coming from a liberal, former Democrat who wishes to keep politics out of yoga.

  20. mariavlong says:

    These Liberal Obama supporters, do they have any substantial reasons to side with Obama? or maybe it is because Beyonce and J-Z influenced their choice? Or maybe it is just a bunch of dumb girls worried about their ladyparts. Of course we could all continue voting pragmatically with our wallet, also called vote right live left. and let those gays, and those unions who gave us the 40 hour week and the right to attend a loved one's funeral, and those whining rape victims figure it out the Ayn Rand way. Plus maybe Krishna was just pulling Arjuna's chain.

  21. Maya says:

    Ah yes, this is beautiful. This is exactly what I have been thinking but have been unable to put in this way. Thank you

  22. Thaddeus1 says:

    Yeah…well, I'm pretty sure I could appeal to as many, if not more, positive changes wrought about by individuals sitting on the "sidelines wishing and praying," as you could by the "hard work of active informed people." The nice thing about my approach is that nobody on my side maintains or supports a standing corporate militarized infrastructure. But, good luck with your vote. I'll be interested to hear how great things are five years from now.

  23. It incredibly upsetting to read a post like this, so filled with avidya- ignorance! being a yoga practitioner doesn't mean NOT PARTICIPATING in crucial moments for humanity on planet earth. yoga is awareness, discriminatory intelligence, compassion, and right action. sitting out is a stance of privileged coward, not courage. Yogis, go out and vote! You can be a devoted yogi and still be a participant in society. In fact, society needs us contemplative ones! And turning our backs in moments when we can make a difference for generations to come is not in alignment with our greatest potential, and not in alignment with yoga.

  24. marisa demos says:

    Interesting? Sadly, no.
    Thank you for your effort, but the largest amount of lovingkindness we could all show would be to heed our broken hearts.
    We must care deeply amongst each other.
    Be well.

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