Karma Yoga Turned Bad.

Via Dani McGuire
on Nov 28, 2012
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I have been practicing yoga for nearly two decades(daily for almost one) to be left with a big fat ego.

I once heard on Oprah that the ego stands for “Edging God Out.”

My yoga practice is also my spiritual practice; I aim to bring the beloved into my every move and to be more “goddess-like,” “at one with the universe,” and all that jazz.

One of the ways I practice yoga off of the mat is through karma yoga, the yoga of service—to help someone without attachment or reward.

Today I noticed ego gone wild, when I became angry that a friend did not come to me for support. I mean, that is what I do. I instantly found myself forcing my help on her—we all do it one way or another! Especially this time of year; we try to get our loved ones to our yoga class, invite them to our church, force our way of eating onto them.

Why? Because it will help them live longer, be happier…and because we love them..right?!

Or, maybe it is because we want to be the one they love.

All this karma yoga is just turning out to be bad karma, even when we pour out love, goodness and service. I am not saying to stop feeding the hungry, but when our help is unwanted, it only becomes an act of violence.

Beware of the tricky ego, even with good intent, it just may be that same small, attached self, wanting to feel secure, wanting to feel loved. All we need to do is be love…which looks a little less interfering and more like compassionate and being open.

Open to allowing who and what is in front of you to be. Be love. Just be.


“I long to escape the prison of my ego 
and lose myself in you.” ~ Rumi



Ed: Bryonie Wise

 Like I’m not “Spiritual.” I just practice being a good person on Facebook.


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About Dani McGuire

Dani McGuire AKA Vani (meaning Saraswati) has practiced yoga since 1995, having studied Integral, Tantra, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Prana Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. Her teaching is an alchemy of eastern philosophy and modern living. Using both life and practice as a way of inspiring self awakening, love, and devotion. She is creator of Sattva Vinyasa and Sattva Therapy. Vani has published 2 DVDs as well as mini online classes for your ayurvedic constitution. She is a columnist for elephantjournal.com, and founder of PranaYoga School of Yoga and Holistic Health, and PranaYoga Foundation. Dani leads teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops around the world as well as offering marriage, birth, and end of life support.


2 Responses to “Karma Yoga Turned Bad.”

  1. Joe Sparks says:

    Another perspective is that when we are young we get told a lot what is good for us by adults. Interesting, because it is not helping young people, to think for ourselves. Maybe a little disrespectful? We pass that pattern down to others. To me, It is always helpful to ask, how can I help you. To get permission and listen to what that person needs right now. Most people want to figure it out for themselves. Better attitude to adopt is agreeing to help each other out no matter what. Most folks want encouragement that they can do anything they set their minds to. No on wants to feel like you know what is good for them. Reminds me of how the Christians forced their beliefs on native cultures. How well did that work out for them. Everyone needs to follow their own logic and we need to get out of the way and fully back someone in having a good life by encouraging them by being our self. Nothing we have to do, really.

  2. danivanimcguire says:

    I agree Joe. we all have our own lessons to learn one at a time. It is nice to know that someone has our back without trying to force their beliefs on us.