December 9, 2012

5 Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffers.

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Santa always put an orange in my stocking.

And usually a candy cane, a small toy or two, a toothbrush—and maybe a CD or some earrings as I got older.

Most of the stocking stuffer fare these days seems to fall into two categories: junky or over-priced (and still junky!). While I want to carry on the tradition, I’m always on the lookout for better substitutes for the “plastic and breaks in two hours” variety.

For the mini glamour girl: Eco Princess Makeup*

My eight-year-old daughter always wants to play make-up, so I was excited to review this kit for Eco Princess. It’s a perfect dress up companion and I was thrilled that all of it was free of parabens and other toxins that are typically in play (and real) makeup. Caroline enjoyed all of the items, and would love to see more of it in her stocking this year.

2. and 3. For  new parents (or those with sensitive skin): Ology Baby Wash and Lotion*



My skin care addiction collection is a little out of hand. Part of it is being a massage therapist—I love to take care of my skin, and am often looking for products I’d feel comfortable recommending to clients. The Ology Soothing Baby Wash and Lotion are two that I’d happily recommend to new parents—or for anyone who has easily irritated skin. I remember using Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Lotion in high school because I loved the sweet powdery scent. Of course, this was before I knew how scary many of the ingredients were! I would have liked to see actual lavender and chamomile essential oil on the Ology ingredients lists instead of  the more vague “all natural fragrance,” but overall, the inexpensive, coconut oil based products are a great buy.

4. For your favorite kids (or friends who are kids at heart): small wooden toys or games.

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Legos are great (until you step on them) but wooden toys and games are classic and will last longer than most of their plastic counterparts. Felted toys and stuffed animals are another great eco option to either make or buy.

5. For everyone you’re sweet on: homemade or local candies.

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I love holiday baking, but getting locally made treats from the winter farmers’ market or local shops is another great way to go. Locally made or homemade soaps and jams are another great gift idea as well.

What are your favorite little gifts to make or buy?


* {Note: elephantjournal.com received the starred items for free, in return for a guarantee that we would review said offering.  That said, we say what we want—good and bad, happy and sad.}


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