December 12, 2012

6 Things to Look Out for at the Grocery Store. ~ Stefanie DeWysockie

Do you know what you’re buying?

Many of my clients ask me what to look out for when they arrive at the grocery store. I receive questions like:

How do you know what’s good and what’s bad for you?

Should I go organic or not organic?

I usually tell my clients to go organic where possible; this way, you know you’re not getting as many pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified or irradiated products, which can all lead to ill health.

It is so important to read a products label and decide for yourself if it is beneficial to your health or not. And this goes for foods that we ingest and also the products that we put on our skin. Listed below are six things to look out for that can be very helpful when shopping.

1. Refined starches and sugars that have been refined undergo a process that strips the food of almost all of its vitamin and mineral content. The word to look out for is “enriched.”

2. Processed. I like to think of the word “processed” as another word for fake. Most processed foods have no nutritional value and are loaded with additives and chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. It’s best to avoid these foods altogether and buy raw, whole and organic when possible.

3. Sugar free. Most sugar free food items contain aspartame and other chemicals found in sugar free substitutes that are known to have negative side effects. It’s best to have real sugar in moderation.

4. Additives and Preservatives. Additives and preservatives are chemicals that can disrupt the body’s normal functioning, mentally and physically. Stick to foods that haven’t been tampered with by human hands.

5. Household and Beauty products. Household and beauty products are usually loaded with chemicals and toxins. Look for eco-friendly cleaning products or make your own. Also look for personal care products without additives and chemicals, as everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream.

6. Genetically Modified and Irradiated Foods. Unfortunately, the FDA does not make it mandatory for your food to have a label saying that it’s genetically modified, however, foods that have the USDA Organic label are not allowed to be cloned or genetically modified. Irradiated foods do have a label and it’s best to avoid these as they may cause allergies and there are no long term tests of their effect on humans.



Stefanie DeWysockie is the owner of Taken Back to Nature, LLC, a holistic health practitioner, yoga and prenatal yoga instructor, writer and author. She loves nature and creating; she makes skin care products without harmful chemicals or preservatives and works in her field as a health and fitness counselor. You can follow her at www.takenbacktonature.com or www.facebook.com/holistichealthnow.



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