December 10, 2012

Don’t Let A**holes Ruin Your Day.

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Access your inner strength.

Being a yogi doesn’t mean you have to sit silently and smile whenever unpleasant people cross your path. Being a yogi does not mean letting people walk all over you when they feel like it.

We give love, yes. We meditate, yes. We practice stillness, yes.

But we don’t take sh*t!

Just because I practice ahimsa (non-harm) doesn’t mean I won’t show you some yoga girl strength when needed (and us yogis have a lot).

Don’t let assholes ruin your day.

Channel your inner warrior and stay strong enough to know that no one will ever intentionally harm anybody else, unless they are going through their own personal hell.

If you have love to give them, do so. If you don’t, that’s ok.

Turn around and continue with your day. Don’t make other people’s issues your own.

You have way more important things to do, like work on your one-armed handstand. Or sit on your mat, in silence…with a smile.




Ed: Bryonie Wise


Like elephant I’m not “Spiritual.” I just practice being a good person on Facebook.

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Read 17 comments and reply

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