Enter 2013: Simplicity.

Via Gerry Ellen
on Dec 28, 2012
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Now that we are still here and alive after the whole Mayan calendar doom and gloom scenario, what does it feel like to begin 2013?

I ask myself that in meditation, while running, taking out the trash, petting many dogs on the street, making a one-bowl meal, sitting at the computer, drinking some green tea, listening to music and just doing the daily dance.

And, you know what?  It’s simple.

Uh, that’s it.

Simple. Be simple. Live simply. Simplify your days and relationships and life.

Simplicity means more than a host of other fancy words and gadgets; I like to think of this new 2013 year similar to taking a big ol’ deep breath of relief.

Simplicity can be difficult for some. The peer pressure to stay up to speed with technology (I’m rather archaic in that department, so I’m good), the constant need to remain busy 24/7, any negative relationships that no longer serve you, drama of all kinds-both in work and play—and a need to succeed and outdo the next person.

Why not just be simple? That’s all.

I always have a new list of simple things every year; things that make me smile and trust me, it gets simpler each and every year as I get older. If anything, aging simply is a graceful and beautiful process.

I say that, even while I navigate through one hot flash after another—I just feel that simplicity is truly in the eye of the beholder, so here goes—my simplicity list:

Smiling at strangers on the street, just cause I feel like it; being greeted by any and all dogs and cats that I come across; the sun blaring on my face—it feels warm and comfy; the feeling of hot clothes taken from the dryer and draping them on my body; candles lit all over the house; less furniture and stuff than ever; writing about fun and interesting topics; reading people’s blurbs on Facebook; filling up my little Fiat with gas only once per month; meeting a friend for a cup of tea; gatherings with my soul sisters for updates on life and love; spooning with my man; evening walks with no purpose other than to look at the stars; a healthy green drink every morning; the smell of dogs’ paws; a full moon; trips to the ocean whenever I can; navigating my way through a city with no direction issues; making my bed; wearing flip flops, even in colder weather; hot baths with bubbles and aromatic oils; good music all day long; teamwork in a working environment; having a set of eyeglasses at every place in the house where I need to read something (!); bird sounds in the morning; renting movies and watching them on my computer (not having a television is nice); talking to a friend face-to-face, so we can see each other’s eyes; flossing my teeth; grocery shopping at farmer’s markets…and lastly, being a good listener.

This coming year, 2013, is all about simplicity.

Everyone has their own list, their own unique style and habits that bring them joy. Perspective. Simple living is nothing more than perspective.

I guess if we can embrace that notion, then this New Year will certainly have more people smiling and doing good in this world.

It doesn’t take much.

Just lots of love and patience.

Enter 2013…I feel it’s time.



Ed: Bryonie Wise


Like elephant I’m not “Spiritual.” I just practice being a good person on Facebook.



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4 Responses to “Enter 2013: Simplicity.”

  1. Joe Strandell says:

    Simplicity is key 🙂
    I love your blog! So many great articles… I thought you might like to know that http://www.Dentist.net is offering 10% off their products with the code ORALCARE 🙂  Happy New Years!

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  3. You and I are a lot alike. 🙂
    Nice column… think I will repost it!

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