December 29, 2012

How to Create Mental Space. ~ Karen Nourizadeh

In New York City, the majority of us do not like to rest, nor do many of us have the luxury of space.

New Yorkers are working around the clock, either toward something (their children’s futures, entertainment, bigger homes, ski vacations out west or trips abroad) or working to stay away from something (the neighbor they don’t like, the sexist or narcissist boss, the candy store, skinny jeans or a burger joint).

There is hardly time to breathe, we run so fast. We have no space in our schedules.

Why is space so important?

It’s in space that our potential to create is heightened. It’s in space, where an intense point of light expanded out and exploded, making space out of darkness, i.e. the Big Bang.

If we don’t give ourselves space, we stay stuck in our conscious and nearly conscious mind, where thoughts, 70% of the time, according to some experts, are either repetitive or negative.

If we created space, we could instead move into the subconscious mind, which is where deep belief systems are seeded, systems which go against our nature and our evolution.

Few of us have the consciousness to really know what is hidden deep within, but without space, there is little chance we ever will. Once we move out of the small parts of our brain that we often use, away from sensory stimulation, away from constant activity, we can tap into other parts of our brain, the unconscious parts and see how we’ve actually created parts of our lives that we don’t want or like.

It doesn’t take much effort, anywhere is fine, to give your mind a time to rest and to watch those backstage thoughts flash center stage.

That’s the subconscious mind. It will start to reveal what you really think and feel and you may be surprised to find out what that is!

Our brains are akin to a hard-drive and the beliefs and energy that surrounded us in the past, especially as a young child, is the software that has been “downloaded” to our brains. Through meditation or watching the mind’s subtler thoughts, we are creating the space to be able to start identifying the old beliefs, choices, actions and decisions (i.e., the out-of-date-software that has occupied mind and body for years).

Once the internal beliefs wreaking havoc have been identified, a clearing of those beliefs is necessary for evolution.

Once internal space is created, you can download new software, new beliefs that will assist you in taking full responsibility for your own well-being and creating miracles. Nothing is created by wishing, action is required.

But, honor the space, because without it, our internal “hard-drive” will undoubtedly crash.


Karen Nourizadeh, a “recovering attorney,” is now a yoga instructor with Pure Yoga and New York Sports Clubs as well as a writer and media contributor. Karen freed herself from law and the corporate world to help people heal themselves, mentally and physically, through yoga. Karen is completing her first work, a memoir, detailing her struggle to get out of law, find herself and fulfill her destiny. On a spiritual quest, Karen encounters a mysterious 10 year-old Indian boy, who introduced himself as “Goldie Hawn’s son.” The boy teaches Karen lessons of the heart through his pure, honest, uncalculated actions. He affirms to her what is already in her heart, and helps to free her from her worst enemy, her mind. Follow Karen on Facebook and Twitter.


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