December 28, 2012

Smiles Are Contagious. ~ Nina Lutz

Smile for me.

We’ve become a world with so much hatred and judgmental people. When tragedy happens, we ask what is the world coming to?

How many of us ever stop to think about what we could really do to make a difference?

I do. Everyday, I ponder how I can make a difference in this world—I don’t know that I am capable of making a huge difference that would be noticed by many.

I do know that I am capable of making a difference to people I cross paths with in everyday life. I am a believer in smiling at perfect strangers, even the shady looking homeless guy that most would not give a second glance to.

Today, in light of tragedy that struck in Newton, I made it a point to smile at every person I could get to make eye contact with me—and in this busy world and not-so-friendly city, every one of them smiled back…and some even said hello.

I can’t say I know how it made them feel, but it made me feel good.

Imagine if more people went around smiling at each other.

Perhaps we may smile at someone who is suffering greatly and may have some horrible thoughts going through their mind and that one smile could change everything.

What if someone had smiled at that young gunman and just by a complete stranger showing an act of kindness, he saw the error in his thoughts?

I believe it could happen.

I will keep smiling at strangers.

I will never know if it makes a difference to them but I will know it makes a difference to me.



Nina Lutz is a mom, daughter, aunt, Girl Scout leader, secretary and paranormal investigator. She lives in sunny California and loves the four seasons. Nina hopes to someday figure out what her bigger calling is. Nina’s mother, who suffered from breast cancer, currently lives with her, as does her niece, who she has just become guardian to—and she also have a two daughters (10 and 19) who are her pride and joy.



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