December 24, 2012

Spiritual Not Religious: A Poem. ~ Eric Eccles


For a moment let me catch your ear if I may.

To share with you an increasing belief, capturing the world more and more today.

I’m not religious you see,

I’m not a Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Mormon, Baptist, Muslim or Sufi.

But there is more of a philosopher, a lover of wisdom in me.

For all the great truths with their scriptures and ritual’s lead to the same.

It’s the dogma and segregation that are to blame.

For I am the spirit, the light, the same that’s in you.

I am the oneness of humanity and the absolute.

I am self and god realization. I am god consciousness as the truth.

And most importantly I am the same love that’s within you.



Eric Eccles a.k.a. C.A. Human is the author of “A Lifestyle Worth Living…,” Founder of GenerationAwareness.org, The E2mpower Yoga Project and Inventor, patent holder of the Namaste Bench Kit at NamasteBench.com. Eric is a 23 year veteran of the wellness industry, a certified Holistic Fitness Practitioner, Yoga Instructor RYT, Meditation Coach, Master P.T. and moon lights as a professional Fire Fighter/E.M.T every third day for 24 hours in his free time.




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