December 27, 2012

Unlimited. ~ Mikela Rae


Don’t limit me. 

You set your parameters, which you believe to be the truth. 

You tell me I can’t be this without being that. 

You insist that one thing must follow another. 

You hold me with expectation and manipulate with guilt. 

You place your past in my future and tell me how it’s gonna go. 

What you don’t know is who I am. 

I contain the entire universe. 

I live in choice. 

I decide who I am and what my truth is. 

Your past and your fear have no place in my future. 

Your limitations and expectations belong to you, not to me. 

Don’t limit me. 

I can be anything. 

I already contain everything.

Mikela Rae’s vision is to live in a way that promotes spiritual and consciousness expansion.  Her passion lies in helping others develop mental and physical habits that allow them to find their true Self.  In this way, one more soul is reconnected to the whole.  She is an Ashtanga yogi, writer, consciousness coach, mother, ex-wife, trail runner, speaker, ranch hand, aircraft mechanic, cook, mystic, listener, healer and a professional bad ass.  Find her on tumblr, twitter and facebook.


Ed: Brianna B.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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