January 30, 2013

Alex “Honnold trains for climbing using his own abs as a hangboard.”

We heart Alex Honnold. He’s crazy, fearless, but also humble, with a sense of humor and perspective about himself and his “industry.”

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And by crazy and fearless, we mean crazy and fearless:

He was just on Joe Rogan:

With thanks for the tip to r/climbing: “ESPN magazine may have only slightly airbrushed this full page picture of Alex Honnold.” Photo(shopping) via ESPN:

A top comment re this picture on Reddit: “From everything I’ve heard/seen of Honnold, he seems like a dorky, passionate dude who just wants to go outside and do his thing, with or without attention from the outside world.”

Another, LOL:

“Honnold trains for climbing using his own abs as a hangboard.”
“When Honnold climbs, it’s the route that needs protection from him.”
“When he pulls on a hold, he’s pulling the wall towards him.”


I think I kind of now understand how women feel about airbrushed magazine work…

I am sorry ladies.


Thank you! As a lady it is interesting to see the roles reversed, but still leaves me feeling unsettled. I would swoon more if it was a real picture.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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