January 10, 2013

Confession: I’m Afraid of Commitment.

I’m a loyal person as far as other people go.

No commitment issues there.

But with yoga, I’ve never been able to commit to one particular style or lineage. I’m kind of a yoga…okay, I’m going to go with “mutt” and not for any feminist reasons around the term, but “slut” to me implies sloppy, and that’s just not me. But mixed? Definitely.

I used to be a serial Groupon yoga girl, until I learned as a massage therapist just how little Groupon actually pays people. And I have one studio near me that I love (and found that one of our wonderful elephants owns it!) but don’t visit often enough. I have a pretty small window weekdays that I like to use for my practice, and it’s tough to find the class I want that fits.

Then I’ve done the fill-in-the-blank yoga thing. Acroyoga. I’ve gone to Restorative classes. Kundalini. Vinyasa flavor-of-the-week.

And I’ve done the “yoga at the gym” thing, with mixed results. I know some wonderful yoga teachers who teach at gyms. And I’ve also been to some yoga classes at gyms where I wanted to adjust the instructor’s alignment.

Maybe it’s not that I’m a yoga mutt; maybe I’m more of a yoga Goldilocks.

I don’t want it too hot. I want it at a certain time of the morning. I want a strong, well led class that will support my home practice. I want it to challenge me—physically and mentally. I think I need to do what my Ashtangi friends have been telling me for years and join them.

But, then, that would probably require me to do the grown up thing and commit.

Well Ashtangi brothers and sisters? Do I give it a go?

If you’ve always been curious or intimidated or wondered about how to start an Ashtanga practice, Claudia Azul Altucher has some great suggestions (which I asked her about a year ago and then continued to slut it up all over the place.)

So this morning’s practice? The primary series, naturally. It really makes me feel like I’ve earned my Savasana time (see above). I don’t recommend interrupting your beautiful rest with Instagramming.

I do recommend pairing it with this:

What was your practice like today? Are you doing #yogaeverydamnday this month? Check back for my updates and follow along on Twitter @kate_bartolotta and Pinterest.

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