Despite what the NRA tells US, Gun Owners overwhelmingly support more Gun Control.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 9, 2013
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Gun Shows sell more than the notion that guns are sexy: the sell a lack of basic background checks, making domestic terrorism easy.

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Moderate, commonsense, reasonable gun control is moderate, commonsense, and reasonable. The NRA buys our “representatives”, however, and our great nation remains the most violent and lethal and least safe and most suspicious in the world. ~ ed.

Via Newsweek’s amazing tumblr:

“Before the slaughter in Aurora, Colo.—and long before Sandy Hook—a survey of gun owners found that nearly 9 out of 10 of us support criminal-background checks of anyone who seeks to buy a gun. (Currently only in-store purchasers are checked; there’s a loophole for gun shows.) Eight in 10 gun owners support background checks for employees of gun sellers, 7 in 10 support banning gun sales to anyone under 21, and more than 6 in 10 would prohibit violent offenders from obtaining a concealed-handgun permit.”

Despite what you might hear, most gun owners actually support tougher controls.


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4 Responses to “Despite what the NRA tells US, Gun Owners overwhelmingly support more Gun Control.”

  1. Mr.Science says:

    Here you go again.

    First off, I find your use of the term ‘domestic terrorist’ amusing.

    You do realize that the FBI under president Obama classified occupy wall street as a domestic terrorist threat.
    and, coordinated with the banks to put a stop to it.
    So, your use of the term just encourages a media and government that is trying to classify anyone who doesn’t agree with them as terrorists. We all should know by now that the same administration passed legislation allowing for indefinite detention of those same folks with the NDAA. (to protect us from the hippies with the drums in New York, thank goodness).

    Now, about that gun show loophole, there really isn’t one. All commercial sellers are required to perform background checks already. This article is a little old, but the facts are still up to date.
    So yes, it is true that most gun owners favor background checks, but they are already in place. I don’t know how much they really help since criminals prefer illegal guns anyway, but whatever.

    And the bonus: A good explanation of how statistics are being manipulated:
    See, the thing is, these assault rifle bans, and gun show loopholes are not for the stated purpose. The goal is to attach a rider that requires federal registration of all firearms. Historically this step has always proceeded confiscation, as in Stalin, Mao, and Hitler.

    The second amendment is not for hunting. It is to protect the populace from tyrannical government. ‘Domestic terrorist’ is a scare term to accomplish an end. Obama is the iron fist in a velvet glove.

    Your desire for peace is admirable, but your approach is flawed.

  2. Revo Luzione says:

    Excellent comment, Mr. Science. You are 100% correct. Thanks for going out of your way to educate the readers and editors here.

    I'll only add that most gun owners would support gun control if it could improve target groups to 0.5 MOA or better.
    (Inside joke for shooting sports participants.)

    Yes, some of us shooters and gun nuts do yoga, too. Yoga improves shooting as much as any other aspect of life, and dare I say that shooting can be a meditative art. Remember that Arjuna was an reknowned archer, and firearms are simply the modern equivalent of archery, though I've been known to sling arrows as well as lead & copper.

  3. Mr. Science: You rock!

  4. Don Boss says:

    I would absolutely support effective means of keeping guns out of criminal hands. However, I will fight tooth and nail against any more useless legislation that serves the re-election agendas of politicians while limiting the rights of law abiding decent people who own firearms. Using the heinous acts of a few sick individuals to justify restricting the rights of millions of decent law abiding people is about as “un American” as it gets in my book.