Detour from the Detour. ~ Rosemarie LoSardo

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on Jan 7, 2013
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Over the past few years I have been looking within for answers.

Initially, I thought if the answers were within me, wouldn’t I already know? What was I looking for ? Well, there is much truth in that statement, as I have come to realize. I was falsely rewarding myself for looking within and was provided with delusion created by me—yep, me.

It wasn’t until I made the decision to go deep below the surface that I found my truth, my true self, the I am.

It was that pinnacle moment when I stepped back and looked at the delusion and realized that was the obstruction, the grandiose detour that I allowed to re-route my consciousness. I would say fear of finding my true self caused my mind to create this detour.

Here is what I found:

I am not that short-tempered or impatient person who believes that there is separation from the Divine Source, all human beings, animals and Mother Earth. I am exactly the opposite.

I am one with Divine Source; I am one with all human beings; I am one with all animals; I am one with the great and ever-expanding universe. I accept the contrast in my life; I become more aware of the contrast in my life; I accept it for what it is and I keep moving on my journey.

Realizing this now has made me realize I always knew this, but why did it take so long? It is that uncertainty coupled with that deep knowing.

It was the contrast and journey thus far that provided the tools and know-how for me arrive at this glorious time in my life.

Look within, face your delusion. You will find that love and light await you. You are truly wonderful. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others. Be light, be love and be.

May you catch a glimpse of  the love and light of your true self.


Rosemarie LoSardoRosemarie LoSardo lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. I work in accounting. I enjoy nature, and reading. I love to smile and be kind to everyone, especially those who are not familiar with the concept of smiling. It is a great feeling to see someone with  tight brows and smile at them or say a kind word and see that face go from tightly closed to brightly opened.


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