January 18, 2013

Love Surrounds Us. ~ Wendy Keslick

Photo: Ahmed Elzway

Like the light of the sun, universal love is abundant, and free to all without judgment.

Truly, it is not enough to love our lover, our family and our friends.

We must be willing participants—givers and receivers—of a larger and more expansive love, a bigger love, a universal love that exists beyond belief systems and beyond borders. We all have this capacity to give and receive love unconditionally. We just need to open our hearts and allow the love to flow and recognize the oneness that unites all of us.

Where do we witness such love?

We need not search only in holy places for examples of those who exhibit such compassion, empathy and wisdom regarding the greater truths. There are people right in front of us and all around us, living accordance to the principles of universal love. An example of this can be seen in this video of the young and inspiring Dominic Giamo, who unknowingly gets caught in the act of loving-kindness.

What inspires Dominic?

Dominic attributes his dedication to spreading universal love to his knowledge and practice of mental alchemy.

Most people are aware of the physical alchemy of transmuting base metals to gold, but there is also an esoteric or Hermetic perspective that views that concept as an allegory for the real work of mental and spiritual alchemy—the personal transmutation, purification and perfection of mind and soul.

We must all move forward, progressing on our evolutionary paths; transmuting, purifying and perfecting. Through this great work we can raise our own consciousness and thus contribute to raising the collective consciousness of which we are all a part. There is much work to be done as we have now entered the New Age and all of us called upon to shine our inner light and spread our love freely for the sake of all of humanity.

Be universal in your love. You will see the universe to be the picture of your own being.
~Sri Chimnoy

Yes, there is strife in the world, but love abounds—embrace it.

Wendy Keslick is a massage therapist and after practicing yoga for over 12 years she has finally enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. Her spiritual journey includes yoga, her devotion to Rosicrucian AMORC studies and being part of the conversation of our evolving humanity.  Borderline obsessions include organic and natural living, vegetarianism and veganism, social justice issues, documentaries and current events.  She is determined to learn Arabic in this lifetime. Her daughter, international travel, exploring other cultures and green smoothies are her passions.

She also founded a nonprofit called Children Creating Bridges.  Volunteering for this organization has taken her to Syria to be part of three medical delegations to help with the Iraqi refugee crisis.  Follow her on Facebook.

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Ed: Lynn Hasselberger

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