Best yoga video you’ve seen for a long time.

Via elephant journal
on Jan 14, 2013
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meghan currie yoga teacher video

Meghan Currie‘s Yoga Videos: click here for more.

Click here for more, more.

My kind of yoga video is more about the present moment, about the heart, about our yearning to break through from being stuck and claustrophobic and to apologize and connect and be genuine and live and love and caress and…my kind of yoga video is beautiful, less about views and instruction and more about feeling life breathe through us.

That’s what I need: I need more than marketing and PR and social media and less than what most famous yoga teachers offer: I need real, fun, raw. Touch the earth.

Stunningly, Searchingly, Peacefully Beautiful. Watch in HD, it’s way more better:

Filmed at the epic Magnific Rock in Nicaragua. madly in love with this place. MUSIC: LIGHT by Dr Toast


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113 Responses to “Best yoga video you’ve seen for a long time.”

  1. Rosanne says:

    Wow, all these comments… They confuse and fascinate me. I found Meghan's videos this week, through an EJ post, and was instantly captivated and inspired. What got to me was the enormous joy she obviously has in her practice, she seems to dance through poses and sometimes in between them. It made me smile and want to jump on my mat immediately. And I did, with music playing in the background, which I hadn't tried before. Meghan is obviously strong and flexible and can get into (to me) crazy beautiful poses. I am far from that, I'm only a beginner. But she has inspired me with her practice and her videos because of the joy and grace that shines through the screen and into my living room, not because she impresses me with what she can do, making me want to do that to. I am grateful to know the difference that makes for me.

    Now, back to my yoga playlist and my practice 🙂

    p.s. the video that first caught my attention:

  2. Nicole says:

    Meagan has a very beautiful practice and it reflects the beauty she also carries on the inside. She opens to grace on and off the mat in life. To say that one wouldn’t take her class without ever having experienced it is ignorant. This video is not about your practice, and it’s not about making one feel less in their own practice. That’s on you, not Meghan. This video offers us a glimpse into her passion and dedication to her practice, it’s raw beauty. I often wonder why their is so much judgement between some of us that practice yoga? Megan didn’t even post this video on EJ, EJ posted the video. If you have taken one of Megan’s classes you would know that she offers you her passion and whole heart to each of her students, she offers her grace fully. She is an amazing teacher. She is an amazing being. I can see this in her practice and outside of her practice.

  3. Kristin says:

    I've watched this so many times, and will continue to watch it so many more… super inspiring & absolutely gorgeous. much love <3

  4. cwg3 says:

    Thank you.

  5. private says:

    oh geez. nice butchering of the ancient art of Indian yoga. this is terrible. disappointed with Elephant Journal

  6. Alexandria says:

    Because the naked female form is so incredibly beautiful and should not be shied away from. It should be liberated and celebrated. Its beauty should not diminish because part of society uses it cheaply or because some women feel inferior and insecure when they they compare themselves to such a radiant woman – rather than just appreciating the radiance of that woman without comparison. I think it is sad that a person could not watch that and just be in awe of the beauty of the female body – I ask you then, why do you think the body must be covered and clothed to be authentic (as it would seem you are indicating)?

  7. Keeta says:

    I find her classes delicious, fluid, & accessible. I cant do everything she does, but If anything …being able to view the potential & beauty in asana and see a positive challenge is inspiring and helping me work through my own shit… All that messy self limiting can’t do this cant do that stuff… 😉 what you are seeing is a beautifully honed personal practice…a class sequence aimed at a general audience is quiet different 🙂

  8. There is a very good book on exactly this topic – it's callled the Perfection of Yoga and addresses the actual intrinsic and indisputable essence of yoga – not what the West has come to it as… I believe that there is a quote about the fact that if Yoga were only about the asanas, then every circus person and gymnast would be a yogi…. This is why I don't to classes and sit and meditate to the point that I am guided to the postures as and when I am ready.. Too many people out there teaching yoga from the point of ego when the essence yoga is the accompanying philosophy which bring union with spirit and dissolution of ego…. Yogis shouldn't be charging for their (incomplete) teachings and all students should read (and understand) Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads…

  9. alle-lkw says:

    Pretty video. Megan Currie is amasing

  10. Paul says:

    I didn't really notice her clothing or lack, or the beach, or much else. What I DID notice was her strength, flexibility and control. Is it a yoga video? It's an asana video. We don't get to see any other parts of her practice. I would hope, and I imagine it's true, that the other parts of her practice are just as good.

  11. Ken says:

    Those smooth seamless transitions are relaxing. I look forward to the day I can achieve that level of fluidity.

  12. Ken says:

    When I first started I didn’t think I could do some of the poses I’ve seen. Now I can. Not at her level. Keep practicing and you’ll amaze yourself.

  13. Dalia says:

    Woow! How judgmental is that! She is lightyears faar away from doing “gymnastics” ir performing!? I actally been to her workshop and and some classes are some of the deepest , most intuitive spiritual classes i ever joined that took my own practice and view if yoga beyond what i thought was possible! I am very sorry for people who will pass such superficial judgments on an incredibly gifted teacher based on one video and not even try to google her or find a class online before saying something so incredibly untrue about someone…