January 21, 2013

Our Manifested Reality. ~ Jagdish Kohli, Ph.D.

Our Individual Reality is the direct result of our interaction with and learning from the universe that surrounds us.

This process of life builds our beliefs which form the foundation of our Reality. In unawareness, some limiting and negative beliefs creep into our Reality and cause ongoing pain and suffering.

This write-up unfolds:

>> Total Reality based on Absolute & Relative Realities.

>> Types of Reality: Physical, Social, Cultural and Cosmological.

>> Reality Gap & Quality of Life.

>> Ways to Expand Individual Reality.

Absolute & Relative Realities.

Manifestation of life in the universe is an endless and dynamic process. The infinite divine energy of creation constitutes Absolute Reality. All manifestations of this energy, ranging from the tiniest of particles to the largest planets, fall in the realm of Relative Realities. This phenomenon of creation from Absolute to Relative is captured in Figure 1.

PHOTO: [Jagdish Kohli, Ph. D]While Absolute Reality is omnipresent and permanent, all other realities are relative and have only temporary existence.

Types of Reality

Physical Reality

Our physical being is assembled by nature deploying five elements: Earth, Water, Heat (Energy), Air and Space. We use the same five elements to create a variety of objects on the physical plane of existence.

Humanity has made tremendous strides in building beautiful homes, shopping malls, roads, bridges and highways. We have mastered techniques to create many technological wonders, such as household gadgets, communication networks and devices, cars, helicopters, planes, drones, space crafts, etc.

We also have built guns, tanks, missiles and bombs—under the guise of bringing peace to some parts of the world.

In the name of creating material wealth and improving quality of life, many private corporations have accelerated the development of more physical entities.

This consumption-based economy is using planet resources at a faster speed than can be replenished. We continue to witness damage to our beautiful planet in terms of, air, water and soil pollution. This trend is not sustainable as it’s causing major health hazards.

Another unsustainable outcome of current trend is the accumulation of material resources in the hands of a few corporations and individuals. The big gap between the haves and have-nots would unleash energy of anger detrimental to all.

It is time for people who can make a difference to define frameworks and policies to change the current course. A balanced approach to future development towards creating an equitable distribution of material wealth and more harmonious world social order is our challenge.

Social & Cultural Reality

Our Social Reality is created through our interaction with people and objects around us. This process of creating Reality starts early and continues throughout life. Society is a result of our interactions, yet it also guides them—it is a dynamic process.

Our Social Reality is influenced by the objects of our interaction. All objects have meaning, and that meaning is a product of communication between people. People interact successfully when they share meanings. But objects take on a meaning in relation to a person’s state of Reality.

An empty bottle can be a vase for someone who has flowers or a weapon for someone in a bar-room fight. A knife can be used to carve a turkey by one person or chop off someone’s head by some other insane person.

What we call reality is an agreement that people have arrived at to make life more livable. ~Louise Nevelson

Our Cultural Reality is the one handed over to us from previous generations. Some of the cultural aspects have significant meaning while others become irrelevant with changing times. Being polite, respectful and courteous towards others is a good part of our cultural heritage.

Waging wars to solve social and political conflicts is a misguided and dangerous aspect of our cultural tradition.

Eventually our Cultural Reality becomes a part of our Social Reality by which we experience our day-to-day life.

Cosmological Reality

Cosmological Reality is what exists in the universe independently of the human existence, or any other intelligence that can comprehend the rules of the universe. It is a self-created intelligent process that has no beginning and no end.

Everything in the universe is made up of vibrations. In the infinity of the universe, everything pours forth from the eternal energy that flows through everything—the force of existence, the source of all that is.

We and everything that exists are expressions of this vibration. It is infinite in its low and high frequencies that design and manifest reality. It is the manifestation of all we see, think and experience.

Life is a dynamic process that changes moment by moment. There is a constant exchange/transformation of energy and profound interconnectedness in various universal manifestations.

Most of the humanity is consumed by the Physical and misguided Social & Cultural Reality. Very few of us have time to experience the creative forces at work. Cosmological Consciousness elevates the quality of our living experience. Taken together, Physical, Social & Cosmological Realities create Individual Reality. These three realities are summarized in Figure 2.

Our Individual (Perceived) Reality is dynamic and ever changing like everything else in the universe.

Reality is like a face reflected in the blade of a knife; its properties depend on the angle from which we view it. ~ Master Hsing Yun

Reality Gap & Quality of Life

In order to understand Reality Gap, our reference point is the non-changing Absolute Reality. There are only a few moments of our living experience when we feel this blissful state of our being. In this state there is perfect physical, mental & spiritual harmony and tranquility.

Purity, Love, Truth, Peace, Bliss and Compassion emerge in this state. Here one sees the Pure Perception of the Self. The farther away we are from this Reality, the larger the Reality Gap. A number of Reality Gaps for different Individual Realities are shown in Figure 3.

Our quality of daily living is correlated with the Reality Gap. The Reality Gap is proportional to the quality of our daily living experience—the bigger the gap, the lower our quality of experience.

Expanding Individual Reality

Most of  humanity is confused today about the purpose of its existence. This is reflected in our current education system whereby emphasis is on making a living and not living a life. It is time to review our total education process from cradle-to-grave.

On an individual level we have to examine the way we cultivate thoughts, impressions, beliefs, memories and intelligence. Many misguided and damaging thought impressions have to be purified by a process of self-introspection. As we undertake this journey seriously, the next steps will emerge organically to expand our Individual Reality towards Absolute Reality.


Jagdish Kohli holds a Ph.D. in EE from IIT Roorkee, India. He worked as a Communication Scientist at Bell Labs, Bell Communication Research and AT&T for over 21 years. His research contributions have been published in a number of technical journals and magazines. He also presented his findings at a number of national and international conferences. He was invited to contribute a comprehensive article on “Medical Communications” for the Encyclopedia of Telecommunications. Jagdish also has held faculty positions at Panjab University, Chandigarh India, IIT Roorkee, India, New York University, NY and has been an invited speaker at Stanford University, California USA. For the past eight years Jagdish has addressed issues related to the quality of our daily living experience. He has published and presented insights on “Wealth & Quality of Life”, “ The Journey of Human Thought & Happiness”, “Many Facets of Human Mind”, “Our Dynamic Cellular Body” and “Nurturing The Self.” Jagdish and his wife Shashi live in San Francisco bay area and are members of SKY. They have two children and two grand children. Jagdish can be reached at: [email protected]

Like elephant I’m not “Spiritual.” I just practice being a good person on Facebook.



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