January 22, 2013

Try This Instead of a Flu Shot.

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There is so much debate out there about whether to get a flu shot or not.

Maybe when you learn what’s actually in the shot, your decision will be made for you. The flu vaccine contains or may contain the following:

  • >> Egg proteins: Including avian contaminant viruses
  • >> Formaldehyde: Known carcinogen
  • >> Thimerosal: Mercury-based preservative (only in multi-dose vials)
  • >> Other heavy metals such as aluminum: Known neurotoxin
  • >> Sugar: The essence of all inflammatory disease
  • >> Triton X100: A detergent
  • >> Other additives known to cause allergic reactions

Perfect right? So while you may not get sick with influenza, your chances of heavy metal toxicity, carcinogenic poisoning and a plethora of inflammatory diseases caused by an injection of the other ingredients are higher.

As a holistic health coach, I approach the flu, like any other imbalance in the body. I don’t believe our bodies are subject to illness when the proper diet and lifestyle precautions are taken. If you are getting sick, it’s time to do some detective work. What missing pieces are interfering with the efficacy of your immune system? When your immune system is compromised it has less ability to fight off  the myriad of toxins, viruses and diseases, you are perpetually faced with every day.

My goal is always to help educate you about how to strengthen the integrity of your immune system so there is less risk of a virus affecting you, leaving you completely down and out.

I believe that preventing the flu or any virus depends on improving the quality of our lifestyles. To me, this includes the following:

  • >> Eating more nutrient and plant-based foods
  • >> Getting adequate supplementation including a mega-antioxidant, chelated mineral and BiOmega fatty acid
  • >> Limiting processed, sugary, packaged foods
  • >> Cooking more of our own meals
  • >> Scheduling relaxation time
  • >> Getting enough exercise and staying fit
  • >> Lovin’ up on our loved ones
  • >> Having fun!

I grew up in a household where illness was treated symptomatically. That did not work for me. Now I treat my body from a more holistic approach. I cannot remember the last time I got a cold, a sore throat or a flu even, though I am in contact with children and clients all day long who are always coming in with something.

Here is a preventive DYI flu shot in a bottle that will help prevent you too from being attacked this winter.


Fill a 1/3 oz. roller bottle or 15 ml bottle with:

18 drops lemon essential oil

14 drops OnGuard essential oil

14 drops Melaleuca essential oil

10 drops Oregano essential oil

Fractionated coconut oil


Roll on the bottom of your feet (enters the blood stream fastest)

Diffuse in the air (smells amazing)

Take internally in a veggie capsule

To learn more about the proactive steps you can take to protect your family from the flu and support their immune systems, click here: here.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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