Welcome to the Flatirons: Boulder is Beautiful!

Via Jamie Ginsberg
on Jan 17, 2013
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Gina Caputo BePresent

Before Yoga Journal in Estes Park last fall, we got to take a hike up to the Flatirons just outside of Boulder, Colorado with Gina Caputo: Yogini on the Loose and Be Present clothing.

Shooting with Gina was amazing, she has a laugh that you can feel in your soul and while I have seen the Flatirons in pictures, this was my first time hiking them. We hiked up the trail a bit and found the perfect place in nature to get to know Gina and find out what she is up to. The video below reveals all!

“Aligning yourself with nature in your practice is essential.” ~ Gina Caputo

Gina loves Boulder and hiking in the Flatirons, her passion for nature is positively infectious. Sitting up in the hills with the majestic peaks rising above, I could understand Gina’s connection with nature and her yoga practice. I was reminded of the importance of really touching mother earth and taking that onto my yoga mat.

Whether it is the moon cycle or the weather, we are part of this eco-system and the natural rhythms running with us. All of that and I discovered a new found appreciation of Skandasana!


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