January 19, 2013

When We Let Go of Fear, All that Remains is Love.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.
~ The last line of the introduction to “A Course in Miracles.”

This is the true meaning of love. Pure authenticity.

Unwavering clarity. Unconditional. Boundless. All-encompassing. Feeling. Doing. Action. Surrender.

Love is real, like breath is real—in motion, still, moving, dead, alive, ever-present. Constant.

Nothing. Everything. Blindness. Seeing. Peace. Explosion. Bliss.

If only we could overcome our fear.

Then we would know God.

And life still wouldn’t be perfect—people would still annoy you; pollution would still stink.

Love is loving things that sometimes you don’t like.
~ Ajahn Brahm

God is within love—love is inside and outside our understanding and interpretation.

Words limit these concepts and are a poor form of translation. What can substitute for experience?

Love is effortless—non-judgmental awareness of living from moment to moment.

Love is not doing, it is being.

You cannot experience emptiness without fullness. Resting in awareness, that is pure love. Love is like breath that inhabits life, flowing in and out constantly, endlessly until it transforms into something else—pure spaciousness.

Humans are the only species that get in their own way by cravings, aversions, addictions and thoughts—the only species that does not breathe naturally because thoughts have become an encumbrance interrupting the normal flow of life.

Love is our natural state—yet we are the ones who get in its way. Love can be magical, sublime, completely unfathomable if we allow it to be.

Love can be the canvas on which we dream ourselves into being—or it can be the abyss onto which we lose ourselves in all senses of reality.

Embrace the mystery of being human like a flower or a bee, a hawk or a fly…

When you let go of fear—all that remains is love.

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Ed: Lynn Hasselberger

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