Bringing the Orgasm to Life.

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Photo: floralikescandy via
Photo: floralikescandy via

How can we bring the orgasm to life both in and outside the bedroom?

What holds us back from living life as one whole being without guilt, without shame, without suffering?

How can we life our lives “orgasmically whole” (as I call it)?

We incarnate into physical bodies. Love and sex are part of the same whole—orgasm is intrinsic to the cycle of life. We all came into being via orgasm, via procreation. Subconsciously this is imprinted in our DNA. That’s why the orgasm is so life-affirming and energizing as it brings us back to our roots, our physical creation.

Sensuality is ideally brought into life outside the bedroom, as well as inside—there doesn’t need to be a separate space for love or lovemaking.

I also believe in living consciously, bringing the orgasm into one’s life and not suppressing its life force and closeting its feeling only for the bedroom—connecting the sensuality, expressiveness, spaciousness and passion one feels in the bedroom with what one feels outside the bedroom.

Too many people are living in fear, and that is holding them back even from experiencing an orgasm. Dogma that controls and imprisons people is still around. This is all illusion.

Behind most behavior, all we seek is to give or receive love. When fear penetrates and suppresses the natural flow of life, we are left scared and numb (lifeless).

I believe we can live life with all our human capacities of experience—joyfully, passionately, expressively.

via Tara on Pinterest.
via Tara on Pinterest.

 There is hope to live and experience life orgasmically whole, to be happy as you are, and to follow your natural inclinations with self-acceptance, love and peace.

Five Ways to Bring the Orgasm to Life:

1. Put your awareness and being-ness in the present moment of time, all that is now.

If you’re truly present, then you can bring your full life force into the moment of bliss—where male-female energies caress, intermingle, play and unite, where polarities and barriers fall in the moment of completion, where time is exhausted, and the world ceases to exist as a coherent entity within consciousness.

There, that is the space where boundaries no longer exist, and all there is…is one moment, one essence, one sex, one life.

I believe we come to this point, and then fall back into habitual patterns again; we tell ourselves the same old stories, and repeat the same old excuses.

Then we perpetually seek to get back that no-thing-ness (completion) that occurred when we ceased to exist (in the orgasm). This is the assemblage point we always have to come back to—to find ourselves again.

2. Find peace with feeling uncomfortable.

How much does fear obstruct our love lives, and how can we embrace love for the sake of love despite our fears and past experiences?

Fear is denial of life. Allowing yourself to let go and surrender is the bravest and most important way for you to find yourself as a person. When a person fears getting close to another, he has detached himself from his own heart consciousness.

I believe on the other side of this fear is love, waiting. The moment when we become uncomfortable is exactly the moment when we start to grow.

3. Forget past hurts.

Feeling hurt over a relationship that ended should not negate the exhilaration of the orgasmic experience. It’s time to move on from the past, by all means, learning its lessons, yet also leaving it there—in history.

4. Let go of the guilt and shame.

There is nothing you need to suppress—there is nothing more natural than sexuality.

Ask yourself, Who would I be without my story of guilt over sexuality?”

5. If you fly solo, keep flying!

One can continue to have orgasms without a partner and although it may be challenging to reach the same pinnacle of creative exuberance as expressed through a partnered orgasm, it can be fulfilling nevertheless.

Keep supporting life processes particularly sexual energy within your body.

Stay in a vibration of joy and gratitude. You won’t be left unpartnered for long.

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About David Zenon Starlyte

David is a channel for Divine wisdom. His intuitive coaching, speaking and healing sessions invoke purposeful shifts into deeper connection, confidence, self-love, abundance and happiness. An empath, David's healing is focused on bridging the gap between addressing core wounds and reaching limitless possibilities, to living an extraordinary life. David’s passion for synthesising Eastern and Western approaches to spiritual wellbeing, has seen him immersing himself in the biblical tradition as a monastic, studying Western Naturopathic Medicine and Buddhist / Taoist Healing under three living masters - Master Chen in China, Grand Master Mantak Chia (Time magazine’s top 100 most spiritually influential living people) in Thailand-and Ajahn Brahm (one of the world’s foremost masters of meditation) in Australia. For more information, he can be found at: Website:, , Email: [email protected] , Facebook:


10 Responses to “Bringing the Orgasm to Life.”

  1. Queen Yanni says:

    For centuries we were taught and brain washed to believe it is a sinful act even to look at beautiful women. God created this wonderful planet and beautiful creatures. God created us in his image. He created our senses to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to feel warm touches. What is the uses of all the senses if we are not allowed to put them into practice. What is the uses of all the senses if we feel shamed for rendering usefulness of our sensory organs. If you can't see, hear, taste, smell or feel, then you live your life in a vegetated state. To live life fully and enjoy every moment of life is to think for yourself… You decide how to live happily ever-after. Thank you David for exploring the vulnerable and fragile side of humanity and expressing your ideas of sensuality. Thank You!

  2. […] material world. I see it all around me. In spiritual communities especially, but even not—the unified field of love is seeping in, out and through from every corner of the room and infiltrating the ways of old […]

  3. Hi Queen Yanni – thanks so much for your comment, my thoughts exactly. My goal is to live an expanded life, or what I call an "orgasmic" life – where feeling and desire are not suppressed or shut down, not judged or blamed, where shame has no part in the human condition. My teaching is to bring our natural desires into perspective, to understand them, and ultimately CELEBRATE them without shame or GUILT. The goal is to live a guilt-free existence.

    I believe this planet is filled with variety and much beauty and splendor. When we appreciate it with all our senses, we value it, respect it, honor it, and understand that all life is sacred. This immediately means we also won't destroy it, as you cannot destroy that which you value.

    The only reason we are destroying the planet is due to our philosophies, which need updating, like anything. Lots of blessings and love to you, and thanks once again for reading and commenting!

  4. Jan says:

    Love what you have written here in your article David, thank you xx

    'Stay in a vibration of joy and gratitude. You won’t be left unpartnered for long.'


  5. jannerobinson says:

    "The moment when we become uncomfortable is exactly the moment when we start to grow"

    Clap Clap!

  6. Pasquale says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Сame here by

    searching for joy

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