February 16, 2013

Divine Sexuality: The Joy of Tantra.

A paperback chakra, glowing with effervescent light, so that it literally feels as if it radiates from each of the 192 pages, arrived in my mailbox recently.

Blossoming, like the lotus on the cover that enfolds the couple who are wrapped up in each other, turn by glossy paged turn leads the reader into a juicy journey of sacred sexuality.

Divine Sexuality: The Joy of Tantra was written by long time tantrika Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Ph.D who has both mainstream and spiritual credentials. American born, she lived in India for two and half decades and is a sannyasin (a devotee of Osho Rajneesh—a spiritual teacher whose world wide fame was based in part on the power of his teachings and in part due to controversary that sometimes surrounded him).

That orientation frames much of what she offers to the world by way of her work with indivuals, couples and groups. A pivotal event at age four, that she describes in the introduction stirred a deep desire in her to live as fully as she could; not knowing if each day could be her last.

As a result, she became an explorer for ecstacy, beckoning with a come-hither index finger, a guiding hand and open heart for others to jump on board for their own ride.

This tantalizing book is equal parts work of art; since the imagery of the individuals and couples are glorious, engaged in activity, lush and lovely, step by step how-to instructions for diving into sensual pleasure, including sexual positions, clinical info so that readers get a sense of how their bodies work and rituals that connect practitioners with transcendent experiences.

Sarita clearly has done her research, both as a sex educator and tantra teacher as is evident in the chapters that focus on the various developmental stages.

As sensual beings from the moment of birth, we drink in the world around us. If, as children, we are discouraged from exploring our bodies or  have experienced sexual violation, it sets a tone for the rest of our lives. That’s not to say that wounds can’t heal with guidance such as that which Sarita offers in Divine Sexuality. Calling the chapter The Ages of Love, she goes on to outline what sexual interaction can be like throughout the decades.

As a seasoned woman in my 50’s, in many ways, my libido is higher, yet more focused than ever it was in previous decades. I now know what I want and have the ability and willingness to ask for and receive it—the book is already fueling some juicy fantasies and planting seeds for playtime.

She celebrates elder love as well, acknowledging that although our bodies may not be as flexible or our energy level as elevated, there is no less a need for closeness and intimacy with a beloved other.

Sarita encourages readers to self-pleasure, with tips and techniques to honor the lover in the mirror, which serves a dual purpose; of course, for fun and the other so as to be better able to communicate to a partner what it is that they enjoy, which enhances the experience for each one.

Movement, energy work, the chakras, sensory awakening, sensual massage and loving communication are essential components of Sarita’s teachings. As a sex educator myself, I appreciated the chapter on safe sex and the importance of responsible interactions if multiple partners are involved in the reader’s life. She also encourages a love affair with life, senses fully engaged, embracing and dancing with nature, ourselves and the people with whom we cross paths.

My only wish that would have made this brilliant gem complete was if it acknowledged same sex couples. Although the Divine masculine and feminine polarities are present in each one of us, to a greater or lesser degree, having transferable ideas would have been helpful and give it an even more universal appeal.

Sarita will be a guest on my radio show called It’s All About Relationships on Vivid Life Radioon March 14, 2013 at 8pm est.



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