Eddie Vedder vs. Positivity.

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Pearl Jam: Twenty.

Q: A lot of your songs are sort of on the dark side…is there any reason for that or is that mostly what you see?

Eddie Vedder:
My emotions…I mean I should be really happy right now…I get to play shows, it’s been amazing…but the fact is my emotions…are like a quarter flipped in the air…black and white, good and bad…constantly…

“…Maybe by talking about things that may be a little darker, more on the negative side of our existence…by dealing with them…maybe that’s how I find my happiness.”


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10 Responses to “Eddie Vedder vs. Positivity.”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you thank you thank you….

  2. Nancy says:

    No need to thank you later…. Want to thank you right now….. Love those guys. Thanks for the reminder
    of how great they are.

  3. Party Pooper says:

    This movie isn't freely available in the public domain. It being on YouTube like this is illegal.

  4. Mahalo says:

    Thanks for posting! I'd heard it was in production, didn't know it was released. Will have to buy this one, its for keeps. (Go away, partypooper!)

    • Party Pooper says:

      Elephant journal has always fought for the rights of people, people's property and creativity. What they have just done is supported piracy, supported stealing. I wonder how many people won't pay for it. You are amongst the few that will before you say anythng. By putting it out live in the world you are stealing the right to watch something.

      • Mahalo says:

        You're right, of course. A review and link to Amazon would suffice. But, I suspect estimates of the sales that result from piracy are as grossly underestimated as are estimates of the market for legitimate sales. I don't defend piracy, but the links between theft and poverty are clear. If movie makers offered honest previews of their work, and not just the souped up trailers that string the best bits together, people would feel more comfortable about buying. Most of the films I have purchased on the basis of trailers were terrible, I ended up giving the dvds to the library. I got "cheated" with false advertising, the industry got its take, the artist got his/her fair wages (I hope), and, at least, it was a boon for the library. Economists know that the black and grey markets do play an important role in the economy, yet too little is known about the true impact of piracy to make blanket statement. But, all of this is a discussion for another time and place.

  5. [ashby] says:

    After watching West of Memphis, Sara was unable to sleep. It wasn't the dark and disturbing subject matter that denied her rest, though- it was her boyfriend's relentless impersonation of Eddie Vedder which kept her in hysterics.

    Eddie Vedder's a good guy, an earnest guy… a very, very, VERY earnest guy. I remember reading an interview with him some years ago where he was sipping hot tea to soothe his throat throughout the interview. Being summoned to the stage, Vedder was suddenly overwhelmed by the injustice of the world, and he demonstrated this in the most effete way imaginable: by smashing his teacup on the ground.

    I can't recall where I read this interview, or really how long ago it was (nearly 20 years, I'd guess). The closest to a reference I can find is this, from The Funny Feminist:

    "…it still depends largely on ones [sic] ability to accept the psychic Eddie Vedder tea cup smashing pain of the upper middle class TEXAS christian white guy (or girl), as some kind of universal touch tone."

    Well, that clears THAT up.

  6. phyllishaig says:

    video is blank, "removed by the user"

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