“Every morning, recite this.” ~ Dalai Lama

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 24, 2013
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dalai lama

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The Dalai Lama asks us to say these words, for our own happiness, each morning.

Begin the day in this way.

Whether it’s Robert F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Judaism…every hero and tradition has a similar mission or vision: dedicate oneself to others, and ironically, you gain in joy and love.

For more: Bodhisattva Vow.

And more: Dedicate any Merit.

dalai lama


Relephant bonus: 

Adult language: the Buddhist four Reminders: Carpe Diem!

Want to help the world? Here’s how:

A mindful tip for a morning to determine our day:


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14 Responses to ““Every morning, recite this.” ~ Dalai Lama”

  1. Sara Plummer says:

    Yes!! Love love love this! I'm using it tomorrow am. xo

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  4. Diana says:

    I went to your Instagram account and clicked “Follow” but cannot find this in full size to be able to read it and save it!! You have a lot on there!!! Please help!

    In gratitude,


  5. Lara says:

    Thank you, Waylon. 🙂

  6. audrey says:

    love this. i cannot find it on your instagram feed. can you post a link here?

  7. Angela says:

    I followed him on instragram so I could see the image but I don't see it on Instragram either? What am I doing wrong? 🙂

  8. Susan says:

    Which book is the above quote in?

  9. than says:

    how can i get a readable copy that i can print and tape on my fridge?

  10. Rose says:

    i wanted to get the full image too but its not on your instagram. 🙁

  11. Thank you, Waylon. 🙂

  12. coachbrandi says:

    Peace. Could you please tag me on the full size photo of this quote? I cannot find it. My Instagram handle is @iamlifecoachbrandi Thank you!

  13. Bren says:

    Too many pictures on instagram! Help!
    Love the image!