Everything you don’t need to know about the Harlem Shake.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 12, 2013
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Top 10 Harlem Shake? No problem.

Want to live longer? Don’t watch this, it’s five minutes of your life gone smiling and laughing and dancing and wondering why you aren’t doing something worthwhile with your life. Things is, we figure smiling and laughing and dancing over something silly and pointless isn’t a bad way to spent five minutes of your precious human birth.

Why’s this on elephant? We like 20 second funny videos of folks dancing kinda not much, head down, then dancing crazily in crazy outfits. That’s in our mission statement, duh.

Harlem Shake (Firefighter Edition) (youtube.com)

I’ll see your Harlem Shake and raise you our entire office doing it

Harlem Shake (Father & Son Version) (youtu.be)

Harlem Shake – Peanuts Edition (youtube.com)

T Pain – Harlem Shake (youtube.com)

I like this one: I think Matt and Kim win for biggest Harlem Shake. (youtube.com)

My attempt at the Harlem Shake (youtube.com)

Harlem Shake – Forever Alone Edition (youtube.com)

Showed grandmas the harlem shake – here’s their attempt (youtube.com)

Harlem Shake Boat Remix (youtube.com)

So my swim team did the Harlem Shake video….underwater. (youtube.com)

Eleven? Whatever, who’s counting?

You are, now:

Harlem Shake – Community edition (youtube.com)

Western University does the Harlem Shake (youtube.com)

Harlem Shake Montreal Subway (youtube.com)

Diplo just tweeted this one. Bikini Harlem Shake (youtube.com)

Want five minutes of your life back? Sorry. Moral of the story is, (just try and) stay away from viral youtube videos.

Another profound blog from Waylon Lewis.

Bonus: Oval Office Harlem Shake? Let’s get it done. (wh.gov)


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4 Responses to “Everything you don’t need to know about the Harlem Shake.”

  1. Danielle says:

    You missed the Portland one! Time well wasted when you can see how creative people can get with their silliness…haha

  2. Hi says:

    These harlem shake youtube vids are crazy… A company in my field just put one out and then it’s like everyone in the field did as well. Have to get on the band wagon 🙂

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