Meditate: Take Two. ~ William Hunnell

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on Feb 24, 2013
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Sometimes I, like many others, get caught up in day-to-day ‘stuff’; it can start off innocently enough and it just snowballs from there.

There is a practice that many have learned to cope with such things.

Read on…

That inconsiderate neighbor was blaring music ‘til two a.m. and I have to work in the morning.

That dog keeps bombing all over my Bermuda grass.


The alarm clock goes off; hit the snooze. The clock goes off again: repeat. Roll out of bed. Shower, dress, hit the door. That dog bombed my Bermuda grass again. Get in the car and go.


The clerk at the 7-11 is too slow. That jerk just cut me off in traffic. Where did that guy get his license anyway? Perhaps from a Cracker Jack box? Why the hell are these gas prices still rising? What’s with that red light lasting forever?


The boss is a jerk. My co-workers are unbearable. As if I really care that your husband is cheating. You deserve a promotion. I get paid barely half of what I’m really worth.


Parents don’t understand why I’m with the one I’m with. “You can do soooo much better.” My chronically unemployed uncle is chronically unemployed. That money I loaned to my brother? Gone.


The yoga instructor continues to just ramble on while I’m trying to focus. The music is wrong; better yet, turn all music off. What’s up with the guy in the corner?


Go home. That dog bombed my Bermuda grass again; did that come from a Chihuahua? The mailman has delivered another lot of bad news. Phone rings; wrong number. Why are people always getting a wrong number?


Is that anger? Frustration? Disappointment? Possibly a combination of anger fueled frustration and disappointment?


What was that detachment stuff the yogi’s keep talking about?


Want to break something! Express my anger! Yell? Hell no, how about scream at the top of my lungs!


How about not giving a f*ck? That only works for trained yogi’s.


William HunnellWhen not in shoulder stand on a yoga mat, William is an avid writer and blogger. Growing up in Pennsylvania and seeing the world courtesy of the armed forces, he now calls home a little slice of heaven known as Goose Creek, South Carolina. One day, he’ll grow up but for now he’s happy to be found on his mat exploring and pondering his next blog. Enlightened? No. Thoughtful? No. Mindful? Yes! Check out more of his ramblings on his website and find him on Twitter.

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