February 21, 2013

The Rs of (Mercury) Retrograde. ~ Kelly Lydick

Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces February 23 to March 17. What does this mean?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac; it’s less secretive than Scorpio, and less shy than Cancer, but perhaps more attuned to the subtle than either of its fellow water signs.

Its ruler Neptune lends a deep and dreamy affect, if even it’s sometimes vengeful and prone to escapism.

The symbol for Pisces, two fish in apparent opposite directions, represents spiritual illumination tempered by materialism.

The importance of the Mercury retrograde in this sign can potentially be one of the most powerful mental, emotional and spiritual periods of renewal that we may experience for some time.

As always with Mercury, the mental aspect will revisit the old, the past; things, people and situations that we thought were long gone. A reevaluating of decisions, choices and life path can occur as a result.

Sometimes, this cycle can feel burdensome. If we’ve already experienced particular things, and made particular choices, why revisit them again?

Pisces by Salvatore Vuono

The growth and evolution of self and soul follows a spiral pattern; or more precisely, an upward spiral pattern. Look more closely at the Pisces glyph: are these fish chasing one another, seemingly in one place like a dog chasing its tail?

Or are they dancing a cosmic dance, spiraling ever upward in tandem, dreamily, happily and moving with the current that we call “life”?

Don’t be surprised if emotional currents feel like they’re at high tide.

Have faith! Pisces is a master at navigating waters of all conditions.

If you receive a phone call or email from someone that has been estranged, it’s the perfect time to reconnect—or decide make a final break without guilt or remorse. When it happens, you’ll know the next correct action.

I call the important themes of this cycle “The R’s of Retrograde.” They are: Revisit, Reevaluate, Redact or Reconcile and Renew.

While we’re in the midst of choppy waters during this retrograde, we may feel like we want to add “Regret” to the list, but it’s not there for a reason.

When Mercury goes direct, the “Renewal” that takes hold will reinstitute confidence and dispel any doubts about the past—or the future—that may have crept up.

Grab your oars, by the time this planet goes direct, you may find yourself docked on a new shore.


Kelly Lydick is an intuitive, Gateway Dreaming™ coach and author of Mastering the Dream. You can find her—oars in hand—at www.kellylydick.com.






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