10 Ways to Promote Your Blog.

Via Jamie Ginsberg
on Mar 13, 2013
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Double Secret Rilke

My last post, “Tips on Blogging,” finished with a lie.

“Promote your blog posts everywhere!”—like it is that simple.

Let’s make it that easy for your next blog post though. Try and do all 10 tips below. See if your traffic grows. This is a great reason to look at your analytics and figure out where your traffic is coming from. This will tell you what you need to do more of! If one of the techniques is not working, fine tune your approach and do it more—it will work.

Promoting your blog content is very important. It improves your search engine optimization (SEO) and empowers people to read your blog. If you have taken the time to create the blog post, you must invest in making sure people know about your post.

As Rainer Maria Rilke said, “This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess.”

If you want all of the knowledge in the world, you must start by giving away everything you know.

10 Ways To Promote Your Blog

  1. Share your post on Facebook. Share the picture with a short teaser of the text from the blog as the caption and a link to your blog post. Keep the teaser text likable and sharable. This will make it easy for your friends to support you and promote your content.
  2. Promote your Facebook status update with your blog link. This is a tool that Facebook has given you to keep your content in front of people who like your page. Think about how much content filters through your Facebook newsfeed; realize that the people who like your page are not going to see your content unless it is engaged with (liked, commented and shared). Give people the chance to see your content by promoting it. How much? Depends on how many people like your page. Start with a small budget and grow it as you improve your content.
  3. Share your blog post in a Facebook group, or three. You want these blog posts to be relevant to the group. If you like and comment on other people’s content in the group, your content is more likely to be engaged with.
  4. Tweet a link to your blog post; include relevant hashtags. These can be location-based and content-based. Don’t try and be cool and #makeupstupidhashtags, use relevant hash tags that are searchable. For this post, for example, I will use #socialmedia, #marketing, #sanfrancisco, #bayarea. If you are blogging for your yoga studio, consider hash tags such as #yoga, #meditation, #vinyasa, #SF, #bayarea (change your location as relevant for your studio).
  5. Share a status update on LinkedIn (play with sharing to just your LinkedIn network and everybody). If your content is relevant to a group you are in, start a discussion with a link to your blog post. This is a great way to share your knowledge with your business network and establish your credibility.
  6. Pin your picture on Pinterest and include the teaser text in the caption for the picture. Edit the picture and you can now add a link to your blog post. When people click on your image on Pinterest to enlarge it, and then click on the image again, they will be taken to your blog post.
  7. Instagram your picture. You can filter the image to make it look different. This is a great way to keep your content spreading and your presence growing.
  8. Post a link to your blog post on Reddit. This is just another resource for engagement that we can not ignore!
  9. Comment on blog posts that are relevant to your blog post and share a link to the blog as a reference. Remember that your comment must be good or your link will not have an impact. You do not want to be treated as spam; you want your comment to be so good that people want more!
  10. Share it again. Really. Go ahead and Tweet it a day later. Share in a different group on LinkedIn. Share the post from your page personally on Facebook. Play with variations of how and where you are sharing the content. You have to remember that only a small portion of your network will see your content, each site filters what people see. If your content is good, it will get seen by more people. Rinse and repeat.

Sharing your blog posts is a great big experiment, like all of our activity with social media. You have to be willing to play and be okay with being wrong. The more you share your knowledge and passion on your blog, the more you have to promote it and make sure we see your content. It is not enough to be brilliant anymore, you have to share what you know. The more you give, the more you will get.

If you know someone who blogs, start by sharing this blog post with them.


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About Jamie Ginsberg

Jamie Ginsberg is a yoga teacher and the co-founder of Marin Power Yoga. He is a technology and education evangelist focused on using the social web to increase interaction and engagement. Jamie is a yogi (200 hour teacher training at Cleveland Yoga and Level 1 & Level 2 with Baron Baptiste) and has shot and produced videos and photography for Baron Baptiste, Yoga Journal Conferences and yoga studios across the United States. Jamie’s expertise is a rare blend of creative, business, legal and technology. Jamie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the The University of Michigan and a Juris Doctorate from The Cleveland-Marshall School of Law. Link to Jamie here and like him on Facebook.


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