8 Ways to be a Successful Yoga Professional. ~ Marissa Rose

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on Mar 2, 2013
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By: Lululemon Athletica
By: Lululemon Athletica

Teach what you preach and all else will fall into place.

The yoga industry is growing at rapid speed, we can all feel it. This means a career as a yoga instructor is more competitive than ever before. It’s time to take your yoga business seriously in order to be the most successful and inspiring teacher, making you stand out from the rest!

I’ve gathered the below tips through research, workshops and interaction with other yogis and yoga instructors to develop a list of the top essential tools to help you increase your student following and class sizes—ultimately bringing your career as a teacher to the next level.

1. Recognize that your students are paying clients, you are technically a walking business.

Every class you teach should benefit your students in some form because they are expecting to be satisfied with their purchase just as in any other business industry.

2. Be genuine and authentic inside and outside of the classroom.

You are a role model for your students and whether you realize it or not, they will continually look to you in this way. You act as a guide for every individual in your class as they embark on a very transformational and personal journey. Be your true self and people will undoubtedly want more of what you have to offer.

3. Stay educated and knowledgeable in every class you teach.

Ensure that your students are always moving from each asana safely and intentionally. This requires being in tune with any students that may need special attention or assists due to injuries or physical limitations. Your students will gain trust and respect if you put their physical needs at the forefront.

4. Become involved in your yoga community.

Take classes at different studios, enroll yourself in workshops, and participate in fundraising and charity yoga events. Make a presence for yourself, this will allow you to make connections with other yogis and yoga instructors.

5. Keep your class styles, themes and asanas fresh and inspiring.

If you’re feeling uninspired, take a class with your favorite instructor or look for new material in a favorite book or podcast. Your students will notice and appreciate when you take the extra effort to make their experience that much more profound.

6. Brand yourself.

Create a Facebook Business Page and Twitter account. As soon as you take on the new role of a Yoga Instructor, you should be promoting yourself as such. Social media are the quickest and cheapest way to express yourself, show the world what your up to and why they should sign up for your classes. Keep up to date with your posts or hire someone to take care of your social media outlets for you. You will see a major increase in your following if you take this step.

7. Know your audience.

Scan the room before class, if there is a new student you don’t recognize, introduce yourself to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Always teach to the level that is expected, be sure that all students feel supported and energized by your class.

8. Exude confidence when you speak and teach but be sure to maintain your personality and true essence.

If you make a “mistake,” own it and move on. We’re all human and nobody is perfect. Teach what you preach and all else will fall into place.


Marissa Rose

Marissa Rose has fused together her devotion to yoga with her passion to inspire others to achieve their highest goals in life through her teaching yoga and sharing her own life experiences. Marissa’s ability to create paths of possibility and opportunity for individuals through yoga is what draws her to the practice and lifestyle. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.



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7 Responses to “8 Ways to be a Successful Yoga Professional. ~ Marissa Rose”

  1. MatBoy says:

    If I read this article correctly you are suggesting a 'fake it till you make it' approach. And success can be seen in how you are received in the outside world/market place. I am sure there are plenty of people who will be motivated and change their approach after reading your advice but, for me, I feel that it comes from the wrong place and goes in the wrong direction.

    I practice and teach yoga to be part of a system that creates and focuses on certain repeatable experiences that are fully outside of the economic sphere. Getting in touch with these experiences and having them play a more central role in ones life is where I would suggest one start and not on any external actions. It takes longer to develop ones own taste and preferences to become a good cook than to simply read cookbooks and follow recipes. Long-term success depends on the former, not on the latter.

  2. Maya Devi Georg says:

    Great article! Succinct and articulate…

    To be a financial success branding is key. But so is marketing. I've found that some of the most popular teachers aren't very good at actually teaching; i.e., ambiguous directions, lack of verbal correction and physical adjustment, as well as unbalanced classes. It's difficult to hone your skills as a teacher if you're focused on branding, marketing, and booking global tours of workshops.

    Yoga, both practice and business, should be balanced. I appreciate that you focused more on integrity, not selling out every class.

  3. Maya Georg says:

    I did not read a "fake it 'til you make it" mentality in this article. In fact the theme of authenticity is clearly stated in the 2nd point made, and integrity and attention in every other point, with the exception on the 6th which focuses on branding.

    MatBoy, while I envy your ability to remain unconcerned with economics, I suggest you reread this article and see the request for accountability and responsibility echoed throughout it.

  4. MatBoy says:

    Window dressing! This reads like any other 'how to get rich by ******' article or book. Full of sincerity fluff!

    I had a long career in business. Yoga was my door out of the rat race. It's sacredness in my life deserves a different approach. We obviously disagree. 🙂

  5. MatBoy says:

    To be a financial success, all you need to do is to succeed financially. You even get to define the term 'success'. Branding is all the rage today: many books and even MBA classes. There are other ways. Don't be blinded by the McKinsey/MBA /business book publisher hype!. The world is much bigger and broader. Find your own path, screw branding.

  6. […] you express and understand this fear, I promise, your teacher will not abandon you. Personal responsibility—admit to the fear and you will find […]

  7. iteach says:

    Matboy, why so difficult? so negative? breathe,….love…..