March 27, 2013

Anything Can Happen.

You are more than your thoughts, your body, or your feelings. You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential, who is here to shake things up and create something new that the universe has never seen.

~ Dr. Richard Bartlett

I want that. I want to shake things up like no one has ever seen. 

My life is hardly the example of orderly refinement and peacefulness but I do find moments to take a deep breath and remind myself anything can happen. I pick up the pieces and learn from my repetitive tendencies and let go of what doesn’t work for me anymore.

The borderless photographs are memories which surface in faded, tattered sepia tones; each subconscious image is attached to a core violation born of fear, anger and resentment into an ancient pattern of survival. The musty odor of mothballs is being spewed from my dry and aching bones. There is a restless yearning and seeking for restoration. My scattered cells gather into an alert, focused-calm to facilitate and energize this ongoing transformation. The moonlight graciously highlights a path to unlock the deep inner chains and I recognize my old patterns of survival are no longer needed. I’m changing the boundaries.

“We are all drawn to the familiar; when something or someone resonates familiarity, our conditioning responds to what modern psychologists describe as a return to the patterns of your family of origin. However, you can break the pattern; you can change the next moment; you can do something different, something enlightened; something creative, imaginative, and fresh; something compassionate and wise. That’s how you get off your karmic gerbil wheel and transform your existence. That’s rebirth in the immediate here and now.”

~  Lama Surya Das. Awakening the Buddha Within.

Fresh images flash by in a cosmic whirl stimulating and rebooting my senses by reorganizing old patterns into new. I’m scanning a pulsating wave of life. It is as if all cellular growth is being replenished with innovative insight and spirit. There is an urgency to let go of the old images and let the new resonate with my being. It speaks in a universal language of love.

There’s a steady throb of seeing what is here as an instrument for a greater purpose. I am seeing the past and the present as an aid to translate new meanings; a tether to infinity. My boundaries are becoming healthy as I let go of the junk binding my mind and stored in my body.

Within space there is a unity and no longer a glitch in time because it is timeless. The stars, galaxy and planets mingle with this revolution. It’s a perpetual cycle of growth, renewal and shedding. It allows me to see through the ripples of illusions and into what is real and what real—really isn’t. I love a paradox; it keeps me on my toes as I travel through a miraculous healing voyage.

We can’t see it but it’s always there; threads of spaces intertwined to let us rise and fall. The bruises hurt but the ongoing karmic lessons are necessary. The cushions resonate with pure love and joy as I allow myself the freedom to change. I start to resonate to my true self.

I’m not pure, but in this space I get a glimmer of what is pure. I’m seeing the truth.

I’m breathing into the now…a space where the sunlight sparkles and my shadows glow from an illuminating light.

Humans are entities who consist of more than physical nerves, muscles, and bones. We are multidimensional beings of energy and light, whose physical body is but a single component of a larger dynamic system. [We] exist in continuous dynamic equilibrium with higher energy dimensions of reality. The tissues which compose our physical form are fed not only by oxygen, glucose, and chemical nutrients, but also by higher vibrational energies which endow the physical frame with the properties of life and creative expression.

~ Richard Gerber, M.D. Vibrational Medicine.

As we resolve our pain our energy clears and we can share, feel, empathize and communicate compassion, love and joy. The powerfulness of this realization enters a state of wow, as well as genuine humbleness.

This is real when we see what is unseen in this galaxy of synergy.

Like a cat’s purr the harmonics resonate with the hum of our soul…the vibrations of a hummingbird’s wings lift the blinds from our eyes…the wind caresses and raises the branches of a tree limb…it’s all in harmony. We are all in harmony with the universe.

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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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