Glory in the Poo. ~ Jennifer Townsend

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on Mar 8, 2013
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When my kids were really little, I felt overwhelmed with the seemingly endless routine of cooking/cleaning/diaper changes/feedings etc., as well as the behavioral problems of my dog. 

I asked a wise friend of mine how it was possible to be happy when all I felt was stressed out and anxious?

I was not prepared for his answer:

“Easy. Find glory in the poo.” ~ Joel Waldron

Glory in the poo? What was so ‘glorious’ about endless diaper changes and destructive dogs? I confess to immediately disregarding it, believing he obviously didn’t understand where I was coming from. 

Not long after we had that conversation however, something happened to make me reconsider…

My sister and I were arguing about something on the phone and it got pretty emotional. When we hung up, I felt like there was unfinished business between us. I couldn’t seem to let it go—I was frustrated that I couldn’t accurately convey my point of view to her.

We were scheduled to meet at the playground that morning with the kids and I was preoccupied about what I was going to say when I saw her.

We were running late and I was rushing around the house trying to get myself and the kids ready to leave; part of that process involved letting my dog outside to pee, then putting her in her crate. I usually crated Daisy before I changed the kids’ diapers and put their shoes on, just to make for a smoother exit (otherwise the kids would follow me into my room, run around & try to get into the crate with her, etc.).

But on this day, my daughter had a diaper blowout and needed an entire outfit change. And I do mean entire.

I knew I couldn’t leave her like that, even if it was for just a minute while I crated Daisy. So I went ahead and got her cleaned up, re-dressed and even managed to wrangle both kids’ shoes on with little resistance—no small feat (pun intended). Then we all set off down the hall to put Daisy in her crate.

As we got closer to my room, I noticed a horrible burning plastic smell; as soon as I walked in I saw my DVD player had popped itself open and smoke was pouring out of it! I had only just been in my room not 10 minutes earlier getting ready and nothing was amiss!

In that instant, I saw the “glory in the poo.” We have appreciate the things that stress us out because we never know what gifts or lessons could come from them. 

If my daughter had not had that blowout, I would have crated Daisy first and just left the house when the kids were ready.

If Daisy didn’t have had to be crated, I wouldn’t have needed to go back into my bedroom before leaving the house.

Once I understood that, I realized that whatever my sister and I were arguing about was completely inconsequential. My house could have burned down taking my pets (and maybe even us) with it! 

So thank you Autumn for your gift of explosive poop when we were running late, and thank you Daisy for your gift of insecurity and destructiveness when left alone so that I had to crate you. You saved my life, in more ways than one.


Jennifer TownsendJennifer Townsend is Co-Chief of Clan Townsend, noted for its wee heathens and furry beasties. She is fond of saying “verra.” She is verra determined to visit Scotland (particularly Eilean Donan Castle). Finn Brothers’ music is good for her soul and she can be found most days editing articles for or blogging about her obsession with Jamie Fraser on her website or its corresponding Facebook page here.

 Like elephant I’m not “Spiritual.” I just practice being a good person on Facebook 

Ed: Kate Bartolotta


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6 Responses to “Glory in the Poo. ~ Jennifer Townsend”

  1. Julie M says:

    I have had similar experiences to this. Just when you think everything is against you, something happens. It always makes me think of how the lotus rises from dirty pond water.

  2. outlanderfan says:

    Thank you Julie. It's true, everything does happen for a reason…

  3. Lauren says:

    I not only glory in it…I laugh my a** off about it. At a certain point, you have to realize how funny it really is when poop is climbing your kiddo's back and you stub your toe and you're late as heck…well, you just laugh. I laughed so hard I cried when I was trying to make dinner and watch our kid and the stir fry caught fire. I used our kitchen fire extinguisher while the smoke alarm shrieked and the baby shrieked and my husband was showering, oblivious…crisis averted, I sat down for a good laugh, and somehow it was all okay 🙂

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