March 19, 2013

Hey, CNN…Wake up!

A news story—the kind that can make your head shake in utter disbelief— broke out during the summer of 2012.

Thanks to the marvels of technology including texts messages, pictures and video, a young victim’s horrific escapades were documented and leaked onto social media sites where they went viral, leading the boys responsible right into a courtroom.

A young girl of 16 was sexually assaulted while under the influence of alcohol. Completely unconscious, the girl was subjected to digital penetration by both defendants, one defendant attempted to put his penis in her mouth, testimony was also given that she was urinated on.

That’s right, she was allegedly pissed on.

In a video taken of the victim that night, she was repeatedly referred to as “the dead girl” while she lay unconscious and male laughter roared around her. One of the defendants, as only a cocky teenaged boy could, laughed “she is so raped.”

There are pictures circulating of the girl being carried around, like a pig on a spit, hanging by her lifeless limbs.

I find it appalling that an ambulance wasn’t being called given the condition this girl was in, but to be subjected to such disgusting acts is unimaginable.

But here we are, the guilty verdict finally given and the media twists this story into some tragic tale about the rapists. The rapists.

CNN, among others, is to blame for the perpetuation of a rape culture that is blinded with ignorance.

I am so tired of the media, wielding more power than I ever will, disrespecting victims of rape with mindless banter like we saw on CNN. Not one mention of the victim. Not one single word regarding the personal hell this child must be in. Not one utterance of sympathy for the memory she has been forced to live with for the rest of her life.

Instead, we are force-fed bullshit about how horrifying it was for the rapists to get a dose of justice. We nod in disbelief as we’re told how scary it will be to face the world as a convicted sex offender. We listen to emotional accounts of how difficult it was to witness the courtroom scene. My heart breaks for you, really.

Since CNN’s mindless ramblings, disgust has exploded across the internet. Individuals react on social media platforms, news stories are  perpetually developing and online petitioning has begun to demand an apology for the coverage of the Steubenville verdict.

I imagine an apology will come, but the damage has been done, and those anchors should hang their heads in shame.

Oh. They also aired footage of the boys apologizing in court during which the victim’s name is spoken.

On national news.

Real nice, sh*tbirds.


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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Read 18 comments and reply

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