March 19, 2013

{Jyotish} Vedic Horoscopes for the Week of 3.18.13.

Horoscopes for the week of 3.18.13

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your moon and sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity.

Ketu in Aries in Bharani nakshatra. Jupiter in Taurus in Rohini nakshatra. Moon transits through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo this week. Saturn and Rahu in Libra, Saturn’s sign of exaltation, however, Saturn is retrograde, so it is considered debilitated. Saturn in Swati nakshatra, Rahu is in Vishaka. Mercury in Aquarius, now direct, in Satabisha nakshatra. Sun, Mars and Venus in Pisces. Venus is exalted here. Sun, Mars in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra. Venus moves from Purvabhadrapada to Uttarabhadrapa on 3.19.

Aries: Your 12th house of endings, liberation, debts, bed pleasures, and away time, is fully charged and activated. With newly exalted Venus there with Sun and Mars, you may be feeling hot and bothered. Use this force within to clear, debts, spring clean, go to the spa or find some time to rest at an ashram. Bare minimum: meditate. Get on a new diet/exercise routine. This week gives you a jump start and motivation to boot.

Taurus: Even if you aren’t Irish, you may feel the luck of the clan right now. Your 11th house of friendship. luck, increase, gains and achievements is full of passion and excitement. You may be feeling this manifest into a new relationship, but mind your mouth and manners. It may not start off on the right foot. Continue to watch your digestion. Start your week off right by giving you and your finances some TLC.

Gemini: Your week begins with some expansion—likely coming from the depths. Consider this a message from your inner guru. Some of this may feel like Deja Vu for you. Are you in a repeat pattern? Your career and dharma get a power kick for the next few weeks. Take it and run with it. Passionate interludes and bed pleasures could be a bit stormy so make sure you can handle the fire first. Right now, every one wants a piece a of you, but nothing lasts forever, so play your cards right.

Cancer: A boon may come at the beginning of the week. It may involve the grace of a friend or teacher. Changes are afoot—are you ready for your new life? Your spiritual Self beckons, but your heart and home remains stormy and in turmoil. Let go of the how’s and the why’s. Put your attention on the what. What is essential for you to accomplish and feel in this one, precious life of yours? Let the rest fall into place, but watch for miscommunication with your Self and others.

Leo: You are passionately transforming your Self right now on a soul level. Just don’t burn your Self out in the process. Expect changes in work, creativity and relationships. A work related fling may be developing. Proceed with caution so you don’t get burned. Mind your manners and watch for miscommunications. Work from bed, get a spa treatment, or spend some time at an ashram. It may prove life altering.

Virgo: Mental indigestion? You are having to revisit some old territory right now and it’s causing you mental anguish. The lack of comfort may feel unbearable. Was there a similar storm during your childhood? Can you find the similarities here? Your relationships are equally prone to tumult—especially anger. There may be inevitable endings. See if you can be diplomatic anyway this week.

Libra: Your stomach is full of heat and a lot of it is going to your head. Though it gets a cooling douse from Venus going exalted in your 6th house, you still need to careful of digestion. Avoid fatty, sweet, spicy and acidic foods. Pacify with simple, gentle Ayurvedic cuisine. Watch for angry gut, hot liver, sexual frustrations and saying things you may regret. Still having discomfort with your kids? Start the week off with a transformational inner dive. Meditation and knowledge are still your saving grace.

Scorpio: It’s spring and romance is in the air. You are susceptible to the follies of love too Scorpio just as the rest are. Maybe more so, because of the exalted Venus, Mars and Sun energy transiting your 5th house of romantic flings and Mars’s aspects to your sexual houses. Be careful though, there’s a tendency for storms that are not as enjoyable. Weigh your options carefully. You may get new attention at the beginning of the week but be very aware of your gut reaction.

Sagittarius: Your focus is on the home and heart. You may be picking up some lost pieces right now and trying to harmonize them. Parts of you are not thinking clearly, so be gentle with the storms- especially those that involve relationships with others. Your friendships can be a blessing and a curse, so be careful who you spend your time with. Make your self the priority right now.

Capricorn: The artist in you is on fire. The flames are being fanned by an inner guide, seemingly stronger than you. Don’t squelch it! Use them to dance, sing, draw, paint and create. Your career and dharma are a stormy tornado right now. How can you link this creative impulse to your life offerings? Where do they intersect and what do you need to do to get your Self there? Work backwards. In regards to relationships however: Don’t go back there! You know better now.

Aquarius: Matters of the passionate heart may be feeling uncomfortable or seemingly moving backwards. There are still many more lessons to be learned here. What are your gripes and complaints that bring you this dis-ease? Start to analyze your childhood. The anger begins there, but doesn’t end there. Look for learning opportunities every chance you get. Don’t take it out on others.

Pisces: Your passion flame is at an all time high. Romantic transformations are likely. Your sex life and relationships in general are storm central. Did your heart get the memo or is this more of the same? A past being revisited unnecessarily? Wise up! You can’t play the fool any longer. Learn your lessons once and for all. Look for childhood insights and reasons why you may feel insecure. Use this awareness for empowerment and change.


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