March 9, 2013

How Many Savasanas Have You Wasted? ~ Kim Stanley

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You know the feeling.

That Homer Simpson “doah” moment when you realize once again that you did not use that invaluable time at the end of practice to get your head into corpse pose. The second your teacher tells you to start bringing movement back to your body, you know you blew it again.

It’s only five or 10 minutes for God’s sake, why can’t we stop the mind chatter for such a short time?

Our entire asana practice now feels somehow spoiled and tarnished by a poor ending. We made it down the final shot, choked and are now left with a brain that berates us for not sealing the deal.

So how can we calm the internal task master that keeps the mind moving even when the body is still?

I have started using a very simple mantra. Like the Nike ad said, “Just do it,” I repeat Just Do Savasana anytime my thoughts start to take over those blissful last minutes. When the “to do” list pumps up the volume, Just Do Savasana grows over the chatter until it is quieted.

So far, this mighty little phrase has been able to trump any nonsense my brain wants to lead with.

Are these three words a magical incantation that came to me in an altered state of consciousness? No.

You can use any words you like. You can tell your brain to Go Stick It, Hop Off or Have a Nice Day. You just need to show that grey matter who is boss.

Even if you spend the last five minutes wondering how your hair looked in headstand, remember it’s ‘yoga practice’ not ‘yoga perfect.’ Your mind might wander at times, but using a simple manta can help redirect it back to the practice.


Kim Stanley spent her formative yoga years with some of the best teachers in Fort Wayne and has practiced in studios across the country. She believes life is too short not to find what makes you happy—your true bliss—and follow it. The study of yoga is what makes Kim happy and sharing that joy with students is her Ananda. After nine years of instruction, the most beautiful thing about yoga to her is its adaptability to everyone. No matter your age, physical ability or state of mind, you can take a class and find peace every single time; it’s the only sure thing in this life. Kim will complete her 200 hour training in March and looks forward to continuing to learn about this amazing 5,000 year-old wonder. Kim has a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and lives in Fort Wayne with her husband and two children.


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