March 21, 2013

Messages from Mother…Earth Mother. {Book Review}

I have a present for you.

It’s small, colorful, filled with wisdom, covered in moss but warm as the sun. It’ll tuck easily into your pocket or purse. It will lay invitingly on your nightstand.

It’s a gift from Earth Mother and she’s sending messages to all of you.

Messages from Mother….Earth Mother written by Mare Cromwell is delightful, simple and inspirational. I won’t classify this book as fiction or nonfiction—I must let you discern this yourself.  

“When Spirit starts to communicate with you, it is a humbling experience and you realize that two-leggeds have only a tiny slice of the greater reality of Life.”

 ~ Mare Cromwell

I had an interesting experience prior to reading the book.

The coffee shop that night was maddeningly noisy and I had a few hours to kill and incidentally forgot my laptop. Subsequently, my phone died and the screen went dead. Not even a sweet little wiggle of energy when I pressed the power button. I plugged it into the nearest outlet. Still nothing. It is not a coincidence. I finally gave up hope that my phone would work.

I have a point to my story but that comes a bit later—yet, did you notice my language here: kill, died, nothing and dead?

I felt lost without my plug into technology. What would have done me good (minus the dark, inclement weather) would have been to plant myself into a flower pot.

It was then I pulled out this delightful little book, Messages from Mother…Earth Mother.

Ten, 20 and then 30 pages into it and I laughed and cried as I sipped my chai tea—I felt immense love pouring through the main characters: Earth Mother and Sarah. 

Sarah meets with Earth Mother weekly in a sacred grove. Upon each visit, Sarah receives 13 messages that range from Dying & Living; Love; Gratitude; Cooperation & Competition; to Messages for Her Sons and Daughters and more.

Each loving message is from Earth Mother.

“You have forgotten the mystery. The power and wisdom of humility in knowing your place in this beautiful planet.”

~ Mare Cromwell

To paraphrase lightly, she wants us to touch a tree, walk on the earth with bare feet, surrender and lay on the ground, cultivate vegetable gardens and plant more trees. Again, there’s more but I want you to read it and see for yourself, as I was so fortunate to have this opportunity and to write this review.

I didn’t find out until later, Message 8 how it dovetailed intuitively with my first night in the coffee shop; Earth Mother even has an opinion about the Internet:

“I know you know what I’m talking about. Facebook and Twitter are like a global collective monkey mind, all jittery and nervous, that is ON all day and all night. But it’s not my mind that is all monkeyish. It’s all your minds combined into a huge mish-mash that circles the planet in a frenetic pace, while I’m left in the middle looking for planetary-sized sedatives to take.”

~ Mare Cromwell

For a while now, I have felt this need to turn off electronics. After I took a break and I read those first 30 pages, my phone worked again. It wasn’t the battery or the connection. It was Earth Mother saying, turn off the electronics and listen.

This message was good for me.

I gently encourage you, because it’s polite and nice, but what I really want to say is “Buy this book now!” And while you are at it, add a few extra to your virtual shopping cart—you’ll want to give it to someone.

You will know who to share it with once you read it.


Note: elephantjournal.com received Messges from Mother…Earth Mother for free, in return for a guarantee that we would review said offering. That said, we say what we want—good and bad, happy and sad.  



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