Minimalism in Action: Life on a Sailboat. {Video}

Via Brianna
on Mar 13, 2013
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Can you smell the freedom?

For some, living with simplicity may sound like a lofty ideal, but really, Confucius had it right when he said most of us insist on making life complicated.

But not Teresa Carey, an inspiring example of someone who has turned to a life of minimalism. She’s been living on her sailboat since 2008 after losing most of her possessions in a house fire. “I don’t miss any of it,” she says. “It was almost like a burden lifted off my shoulders.”

What can we learn from her?

Watch her story here:


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Brianna is a student of life. She lives with spontaneity but intention, playfulness but compassion, and ambition but flexibility. She is also a writer, photographer, outdoor junkie, traveler and dreamer.


3 Responses to “Minimalism in Action: Life on a Sailboat. {Video}”

  1. Boogie says:

    Now that’s a woman. #howyoudoin

  2. Stillwaters says:

    Very Cool! Just wondering, how do you make a living?

  3. Superb! I love it. I support her freedom life. Sailing upwind can be a lot like walking on a tightrope. Finding your equilibrium is difficult. Once you balance everything, however, forward progress will come rapidly. Good day~ Deborah Iyall