South Dakota Law Approves Armed Sentinels in Schools. ~ Edith Lazenby

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on Mar 12, 2013
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Guns Aimed at Peace?

Eighteen states allow firearms but South Dakota is the first state  to set in motion the idea of a sentinel on site for the purpose of protection.

“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” ~ Ernest Gaines

But this is not about gay rights, this is about how concealed weapons in schools is not only okay, but encouraged. Yet, I assure you if a male teacher showed public affection for his male partner all hell would break loose.

What does that tell us about our values as a culture? Love is denounced because to some, the form it takes is unacceptable, it is against God’s laws—some might say. And though my religious upbringing is spotty at best, I do know that “thou shalt not kill” came down the mountain with Moses.

I understand and respect those who think it is dangerous to alter the Constitution that states the right to bear arms. And I think having only the police and military bear arms is potentially dangerous.

But what message are we giving the children, for whose sake this all claims to be?

On March 8 Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) signed a bill that states:

“Any school board may create, establish, and supervise the arming of school employees, hired security personnel, or volunteers in such manner and according to such protocols as the board may believe to be most likely to secure or enhance the deterrence of physical threat and defense of the school, its students, its staff, and members of the public on the school premises against violent attack. Those so authorized shall be referred to as school sentinels.”

Last December in Utah teachers and staff spent part of the holiday training with guns.

I just cannot wrap my mind, much less my heart, around the idea that more guns will protect our children and lessen violence in the schools or anywhere else. I personally cannot imagine having a gun pointed at me or pointing one at anyone else, much less pulling the trigger. I cannot imagine a situation like Newton, Connecticut, where someone who is not experienced with a gun much less aiming and shooting is really going to be able to deflate a crisis of that magnitude. As LZ Grandson of CNN pointed out in documented crimes:

“The victims were all professionals, surrounded by guns, and trained to handle—in Bennett’s words—’this kind of thing.’ Why would anyone think teachers and principals could take a couple of weekend classes and do better than them?

It just doesn’t make sense. Having police patrol the area during school hours is fine. But allowing guns in school is simply counter-intuitive to the kind of civilized society we want to live in and represent to the rest of the world.”

Aiming at a target and taking down someone who is dangerous and unstable is challenging even for professionals.

Most guns used in crime are yes, bought legally. So the solution is more guns?

Strong NRA lobby stems from politicians who receive contributions totaling $719, 596 in 2012.

Is arming school staff the best solution to such tragic events as happened in Newtown, Connecticut? I honestly don’t think so. In this case I have to say less is definitely more: the fewer guns people have access to shoot the fewer chances we take at innocent people getting shot.

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