Swedish Lingerie Store gets it.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 12, 2013
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For more: “Store mannequins in Sweden. They look like real women.”

It’s a complicated issue, that we’ve touched on many times before. Skinny can be healthy, or it can be an unrealistic, unhealthy reference point that causes, indeed encourages obesity and overeating and binge/purging.

But it’s also a simple subject. Love oneself. Eat real food. Exercise. It’s hard work, but it’s simple: ignore the bullshit and focus in on our own habits.

More info: this was taken at an H&M:

Depending on when the photo was taken it could still be a “big is beautiful” mannequin. H&M had a BiB collection earlier, and maybe still do?

Two other comments making interesting points:

Big is beautiful”.

Exactly, *********s need to stop calling this an average weight. Lying to yourself is helping no one, this mannequin is overweight, it’s for “big” clothing.

The sooner people admit they are fat the sooner they can get help before they die of heart disease.


Sad thing is that calling it average weight is not lying, since the average is overweight now.

Three other interesting comments…

I’m so … sick and tired of people telling skinny girls that they aren’t “real women”. What an offensive crock of sh*t.


I prefer the terms “average women”, “median women”, or “mode women”. All women are real women, but some heights, shapes, and weights are more frequent than others.


| All women are real women

Nonsense, my girlfriend is not real.


My main issue with ‘Skinny’ mannequins are that they are even too skinny to fit into ‘skinny girl’ sizes. I have seen so many stores have to pin back zeros on their mannequins. It’s totally not cool. I for one think Skinny girls have a lovely shape.

Also, semi relevant to the thread, not too much to this comment (I’m sorry!)…I wish online retailers showed pictures of their clothes on women of different sizes. (like 2, 6, and 10, 16) As a 14, I feel like I’m shopping blind online. There are a lot of things that are really cute, that I’m unsure would be flattering on me or not until I try them on. I can’t do that online. I ran into this problem yesterday, but I guess in the end it helped me. I almost spent around $70.00 and ended up spending $0.

For much more, Reddit.


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6 Responses to “Swedish Lingerie Store gets it.”

  1. Giraffe says:

    Or, as a response to the various comments posted above relating to the photo about real women, skinny women, sizes, etc – how about concerning ourselves with meaningful work that supports our communities and helps those who need it rather than wasting precious hours of life debating whether or not mannequins, models, graphically created images etc are representative of 'real women' or not…?

  2. Tara Lemieux says:

    I used to worry all the time about my relative 'size' to the rest of this world. And then, I started having some very serious health issues and I realized just how insignificant the size of my ass is… size doesn't matter, HEALTHY does.

  3. Alyssa says:

    my ass follows me where i may go- no matter what weight i am 🙂

  4. Deborah says:

    I think those look great. I'd love to start seeing them on display in stores. I also give props to the designers for making something that looks beautiful.

  5. Anisa says:

    I just like the helpful information you provide for your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test again right here frequently.

  6. Maria says:

    Finally some models that look real – hope they will do the same in other parts of Europe and the US too.