March 13, 2013

Why We Do Yoga: Because It Feels so Good. {Video} ~ Katinka Sætersdal Remøe

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Why do you do yoga? Why do you keep doing it? Why do you love it?

The reasons for why we are drawn to yoga are many.

Maybe you were forced by your doctor to attend a yoga class and kept on attending when when you realized its magic effects on your stiff neck. Or maybe you read the article about Madonna’s Ashtanga practice and wanted her gorgeous muscles. Maybe, like me, you were inspired by your daddy’s 90-year-old aunt doing a crazy arm balance on her island on the west coast of Norway.

Whatever the reason, there is something about it that makes us want to stick with it. Something that makes us choose yoga over a game of tennis, a night out clubbing or a super sweaty aerobic class.

Understanding that something is the main goal of the short film Why We Breathe—A Yoga Documentary by BackToAwake. Yoga celebrities such as Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Cruikshank and Dice lida-Klein are asked about their motivations for practicing yoga and though their personal stories differ, the reason for why they have kept on practicing all come down to the same thing:

Because it feels so good.

Really good.

In so many ways.

Need inspiration? Or just curious about why these lovely yogis and yoginis are so over-the-top yoga committed?

Watch the film. It’s beautiful, it’s inspiring and definitely well worth 50 minutes of your time!




Katinka is an adventure-seeking, wine-loving yogini with a passion for the unknown. Her curiosity has led her into many peculiar situations, from having tea with Sudanese ministers and roadtripping through India’s heartland searching for guerrilla soldiers to crossing the Alps on skis. She loves contrasts, which is why you find a mix of high heels, climbing shoes, cowboyhats and yogamats in her closet, and strongly believes it enriches her life. When she is not in the classroom teaching French, you will find her climbing a mountain, working on her handstand or under a blanket reading while sipping a tempered Côte de Rhône. Get in touch with her by e-mail or Facebook.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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