April 15, 2013

A Meditative Healing Journey.

Photo: Raine Hilton

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ W.B. Yeats

Life demands of me to be aware and when I think nothing else can go askew it usually does.

From an astrological view point, I’m in the epicenter of a seven and a half year cycle called Sade Sati. Saturn is slowly and steadily unearthing a few (dozen) old patterns to clear the way and teach me what serves me and what to let go.

Out of necessity, curiosity and an incessant tug of my intuitive heart, I recently tried Reiki. I have now had two sessions and the peaceful, healing warmth sublimates my soul in a meditative, quiet, safe space.

I had no prior experience with Reiki and perhaps that was good. Two weeks ago, I came to my first session rather broken. My normal walls of resistance were gone.

I smile when I think about it because all situations truly are here to teach us what we need to learn.

I share with you my poetic prose; it’s a vision as well as a message to keep cruising along our perpetual journeys of growth.


The path is winding and undulating as I hold a soft white orb at the center of my mind.

I transpose a delicate wave of cherry blossoms into an orchestra as I zip along the road. I can smell spring; it is nearly a translucent color. I can see through the budding trees as the sun winks at me in the elliptical iris of an eye. My eyelashes blink to a rhythm as a candle’s flame sings in the wind.

An oak door, solid, ancient, weathered and worn appears miles ahead of me. It is partially open and I see a diffused light; it safely calls and invites me to venture forth into the warmth and glow.

Along the way, I careen through a meadow of wild flowers; they are mixed with thorns and snares.

I’m tangled at times as my heart is discombobulated sorting an emotional swell.

I take a stand and lean into the illusive fear. I’m on the edge of a precipice, breathing in the cool, icy air. I’m suspended in an ever changing current of the wind, yet I glide strong and gracefully as an eagle. I hover in the rapturous view.

I unravel a bit, as my head is cradled in a warm cocoon. The voices of my heart caress the voices in my head. Intuition speaks through the doubts and trust beams through the briny sea.

I hear a hum to the inner harmony of it all.

I learn to separate the disconcerting from the joyous and label less. I let the emotions rise and fall like my breath.

I bow in reverence.

I’m creating a new balance as the sand trickles through an infinite hourglass shifting the images of old into new.

My feet connect to the earth spreading roots deep from within my core.

I gain strength as my arms stretch to the sky above. I gather and discover the energy as I touch the sun and the moon. I feel a universal love permeate an infinite pulse; it connects within and around an endless space.

All of this, this unseen energy, is right here and now.

My hands touch my heart—a place of gratitude.

The door is opening into truth.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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