April 18, 2013

Best Gun Control Advertisement Ever.



Do we think children aren’t paying attention?

Update: Toddlers shot more people in US than Terrorists did in 2015 (snopes.com)

Here is the best gun control ad yet:  Does anything else need to be said?

Is it time to apply the principle of impermanence to the second amendment?

Anyone, Buddhist or otherwise, understands that the world is constantly changing, how about updating the so-called living document we refer to as the U.S. constitution? All the while asking the question: what is the NRA afraid of?

Let’s rename the NRA (No Responsibility Accepted).

In case you don’t listen to the news, a modest compromise to require background checks for gun show purchases was defeated in the Senate yesterday.

(To see how your senator voted go here.)

President Obama referred to it as another shameful day in Washington D.C. and the media spins the story as a personal defeat to our president. What about the impact upon the lives of future innocent victims? Who exactly was defeated by this vote and by whom?

When a citizenry demonstrates it is incapable of self-control, to what extent does a government assert it’s influence and laws to protect people from themselves? This is a legitimate question. A deeper inquiry, still missing in our national conversation, is the source of violence in our society.

Many years ago the Secretary of the United Nations UThant, suggested that the United States had the most violent language in the world, we were missing the point by focusing on counting the number of hand gun deaths and failed to realize that violence begins in the mind, is expressed through our words and ultimately shows up in our behavior. An observation well worth pondering.

Inward and Onward


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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kev May 28, 2015 9:33am

Of course when evil powers have their sights set on world domination it is not accomplished thu raw violent takeover. No sir, not with the strength of a free people all of whom veterans of everyday tribulation. This add had propoganda written all over it. The silly hoity brow beating of the losing side of the gun control debates these days will not last. The truth is inflammable but the artificial narrative of “whats good for the people” is plastic and it has no passion behind it other than evil. I mean come on bud get off obamas communist jock and wake up the to the long brewed tyranny.

anthrem Mar 22, 2014 5:36pm

I'll tell you what the people of the NRA are afraid of…writing out of the constitution the right to self-defense…people seem to think that nice words and kindness will magically change things but there are people in the world to watch out for, be it community or government. Ask Russians if their government works for them and always has their best interests in mind…government is not always acting in our best interests, that is a fantasy

erikbukos Mar 21, 2014 9:45pm

Well, I could be misinformed, but I believe the NRA agrees with instant background checks. The sticking point is "instant", versus a wait period. Given this electronic age we live in, the lack of instant background checks is unacceptable.

If either side, Dem. or Rep., really wanted to improve the situation, I believe they could. But this old fight helps polarize voters to one side or another. Keeping the issue "in play" versus just solving the damn problem is more valuable for each side politically. At that, my friends, is why things are not going to get better until we stop voting for professional politicians.

Anyway, cool ad, even for a proud gun owner.

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